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About 21K

21K school is a one-of-its-kind virtual school in the US that allows children to learn, innovate, grow and move with the times, all from the comfort of their homes. Set up in 2020, today, the 21K community involves over 7,500 learners from 78 countries and 500 plus facilitators. 21K School was created to provide credible online schooling options through the digital medium. As an internationally accredited online school in the US, we are not just academicians. We are a community of thinkers, doers, learners, and visionaries.

Empower Yourself with a World-Class Education
with 21K World School

We seek to impart holistic, life-long learning, empowering children worldwide to be the architect of their journey ahead.
Our vision is to create an enriching learning environment for all our learners,
irrespective of their geographical location.

Choose Your Program

Early Years (4-5 Years)

The phase focused on the formative development of our learners

Primary Years Programme (5-11 Years)

The phase focused on nurturing habits of minds

Secondary School (11-14 Years)

The phase focused on developing independent thinking skills

Cambridge IGCSE / O Levels (14-16 Years)

The phase focused on developing critical skills in your child

A-Levels (16-18 Years)

The phase focused on developing professional career and vocational skills.

Explore 21K School

Why 21K School?

Advanced Digital Learning Platform

We are pioneers in proffering personalised, affordable, high-quality lessons using an advanced learning platform.

Accredited Academic Programme

Each learner at 21K can choose from Cambridge International or Edexcel, UK examinations, which are accepted by more than 2000 universities and schools across the globe.

World-class Facilitators

We are proud to have a highly qualified team of experienced facilitators who undergo extensive training to become experts in the art and science of online instruction.

Global Exposure

We are a growing community of diverse, international learners who are passionate, driven and share the joy of learning.

Project-based Learning

Through project-based learning focused on problem-solving, collaboration, and real-world experiences, we hope to prepare our learners to succeed in School and beyond.

Engaging Curriculum

Our mission is to make learning engaging, exciting and accessible for all learners. We believe in the power of education to transform lives, unlock potential and shape the future.

World-renowned Education, Wherever You Are.
World of Opportunities at your Fingertips

Discover World-Class Learning at 21K School

At 21K, we offer everything you would get at a traditional school and beyond…

Live Classes

All our classes are conducted live on our proprietary LMS designed for School Learners and parents. The live, engaging classes are conducted by native-English Facilitators with great experience and qualifications, as required by Cambridge and Edexcel. The classroom sessions are complemented with immersive audio-visual elements, skill-building games and participatory sessions to retain children's attention in our virtual live class meetings.

Engaging Pedagogy

Certified facilitators at 21K have undergone rigorous training to become experts in online education delivery. We use a blend of activity-based and inquiry-based approaches to ensure that each learner understands the concepts well. As we maintain a healthy student-teacher ratio, every child is attended to in the classroom.

Exceptional Curriculum

21K School is accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE), UK and Pearson Edexcel, UK, to offer K 12 programmes online. We focus on flexibility, transparency and quality learning using a skill-based approach. Along with core subjects, we bring many language and capstone courses, including Computational Thinking and Coding, to help learners develop critical 21st-century skills.

More Choice and Voice

Being a digital-first school, we transcend the limitations of conventional schooling to offer more choice and voice to learners. Learners can select different curricula, convenient Batch Timings, significant optional subjects, including languages, and participate in unique activities throughout the year. Our personalised learning platform offers additional resources for remedial and enrichment learning.

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The foremost difference between virtual school and real school is that in a real school, you have to go to the institution to take classes, and in a virtual school, you can take classes online and learn at your own pace.

Virtual school is better because it allows a student to learn and explore in their own space and environment. You can watch the old lectures whenever you want if the doubts were not cleared.

Virtual learning means to learn from wherever you are by internet. When you have internet access, you can watch and learn without having to learn in the traditional way.

Schools are going back to virtual because virtual learning provides you with easy and accessible learning at your own pace. The Internet has made everything easy.

Every E-learning provider is providing virtual learning in today’s world. You can take admission in any institution which is providing virtual learning. Every course and program is available online and you can choose according to your preferences. is virtual schooling as good as in-person classes

Virtual schools provide an online platform to learn and grow. There are plenty of applications on which you can take online classes. In online learning you can take classes at any time so that you can learn accordingly.

Firstly you have to choose a course for yourself and then find an institution that offers online classes in that particular course. Check the course structure and enroll for the same.