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June 24, 2022

Meet Our Principal Aruna Shetty: A Leading Light Behind 21K

A country is known by its President. Similarly, a school is known by the Principal. At 21k, we are fortunate to have our Principal Aruna Shetty, a woman filled with zeal and enthusiasm, ready to confront ups and downs.

A principal of an Online school
June 19, 2022

15 Years Of Schooling Securing A Student’s Future

Since technology has pervaded our lives like never before, it is high time that we prepare ourselves to face the tech-driven world. It is here where top-quality education matters. An education system with an adequate focus on real-life skills shall become the clinching factor favouring tomorrow’s children.  


June 17, 2022

Future Trends in Education and How 21K is Paving the Way

. 21k school, the first online school system in India, has created a fantastic platform for students. Our curriculum makes students future-ready by visualising and preparing for tech-based future scenarios. 

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