Benefits of Pre- Primary Online Schooling!

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  • 2021-08-20
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pre primary online schooling

As the line between conventional interaction and technology functions blur, there is an amalgamation of cultures, values, and wisdom spanning across the globe resulting in a broader, more holistic mindset.

We are living in an era where we are just a click away from anyone across the 7 seas, it’s inspiring to see what technology can do and we must harness that to provide diversity to the brainiacs and artists of tomorrow to broaden their horizons.

Not only does interacting with expert faculty from different countries polish their knowledge but also makes them aware of the different cultures, be unprejudiced, and be a lot more confident.

Besides, today the world is being run by technology, and in the coming years, technology is going to demand human intervention in unprecedented ways. From coding to AR to marketing or even artistry, the world is moving to a virtual place.

If reports are to be believed, the career requirement related to computer skills is going to increase by 28% in the coming 10 years. It’s imperative that students are prepared and well-versed at a young age.

Online schooling makes sure they get hands-on experience preparing them for real anticipated jobs from a young age so that the skill becomes innate in them and they don’t have to suffer by learning the basics.

The significant benefit of pre-primary school for kids is that it teaches them the skills required to study online successfully. At a pre-primary age, the education is getting the child used to the systems and methods of education, and at 21K Skills, we are a skill development platform, which enables students and people of all ages to learn and improve their skills.

We believe that it’s beneficial to children to learn the necessary skills of analytic thinking and critical thinking, thus enabling them to perform better overall in school and further education, as well as in their chosen professional fields.

The skills that we enable kids to learn via our online school allow them to learn the necessary skills that they will need going forward.

Why online schooling is important for pre-primary children?

Many parents don’t realize it, but we are now in the future, and all education for the foreseeable future will remain online. Now the field of education has expanded enabling students to learn skills making them more employable to companies in the future.

Change has suddenly been pushed upon the world and all people around the world. One of those changes is the switch of education to online school. Some may question the wisdom of pre-primary school, and here is where professionals beg to differ.

There is a very sound reason behind this train of thought. One of the initial problems that children and teachers initially faced in online schooling with younger students was discipline and student attention. Younger children are not trained with the concept of studying online in school. This results in problems with discipline and following instructions from a remote teacher.

The reason pre-primary online schooling is necessary for a child before they hit primary school is because; it teaches them the basics of online schooling. The pre-primary students are habituated to the functioning of online schooling.

By the time they are old enough to join regular classes online, they wont face a problem. On the contrary, what will happen to children who have not studied pre-primary online school? They will not be able to focus/concentrate on their online classes while other children will have no problems learning.

It is important to habituate students to online schooling at an early age so that they are familiar with the concept and know how it works.

What is Pre primary school all about?

Pre primary schooling is about familiarizing young children with the skills required to familiarize with technology, and remote learning from a young age. The reason this is important is, most probably in the future, most education will be online regardless of the status of the pandemic (which may not be a restriction in the future).

The reason education will remain online in a major way is because of the many benefits that it offers parents. One of those is the cost and quality of education. Students are no longer limited by distance, and in fact not even by borders.

Furthermore, since education has shifted online, the additional costs related to education have vanished for parents. In a world where expenses were going up, for parents its been a refreshing change that educational costs have gone down.

Online education in India has now become a serious option for people of every age to upgrade their skills. The systems, methods and even technology exists has been perfected to enable skill development as a serious option for online education in India.

Recently, online education in India has become a well-known reality for parents, students and educators. Now because education has shifted online, many online options are available and parents are not limited to schools and educational institutions, situated close to home.

With online education, distance is no longer a serious problem. Children in pre-primary schooling are required to indulge in the same activities as they do in regular pre-primary.

They will become aware of other students online with them, and that they learn to listen to their online teacher and follow instructions remotely.


Online education in India is the perfect method of skill development for the youth of India. Getting your pre-primary child acquainted with the features and technologies required in the future better prepares them for life. For more information, you can also reach us directly via our contact information mentioned on the site.

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