Cognitive Development of Children

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Cognitive Development

21K is one of India’s best online schools and the first online-only school. We have achieved this feat by focusing on the holistic development of our students. Since the inception of our school, we have encouraged children to focus on their innate talents besides ONLY receiving an education. The unique methods we’ve made use of have brought tremendous benefits to students in our school.

Let’s Take a Look at One Such Student. 

Yakshit Agarwal, a fifth-grader here at 21K, developed an innovative game. He worked on our Scratch platform for two days, which helped him design the game in a jiffy. The game he created is a mix of education and entertainment. It provides insightful details about the solar system to the player while protecting the rocket from purple aliens. This is unthinkable in a traditional system of schooling!

We provide the best curriculum for your child where we teach through a Learning Management System and with the help of state of the art technology. His ecstatic mother shared that Yakshit joined extracurricular activities provided by the school, which led him to develop this game. She was delighted to learn that teachers at 21K School encourage the child to pursue any activity that the child wishes. It help in Yakshit developing a game.

21K School has always believed in giving 3-4 hrs of quality education to students with the same learning outcomes as the traditional schools. This is the outcome of the 3-4 hours of additional hours that a child gets and also the experiential learning through which we impart training through our curriculum. This reduction in school hours gives the child ample time to explore their passion.

When his teacher learned of this excellent achievement, She encouraged him even more. Yakshit pursued coding at such a young age. His understanding of coding has helped him design even more games. We are overjoyed to provide him with the platform to explore his talent and develop a precious thing.

Our Principal Ms, Aruna Shetty, said that Yakshit has vindicated our vision and has brought laurels to the school. His achievement will help him improve his craft and motivate other students to try similar things.

We believe in democratising education and making learning a pure joy for your child as a school. This is why we recognise academic achievement and equally give a lot of importance to your child’s cognitive development. Moreover, we ensure a healthy ecosystem through our online school, which is of immense help to the child in the long run as it brings many options available to him to build a career. Our online school and fantastic curriculum are created to make your child future-ready! 

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Cognitive development is important for a child because it encompasses the mental processes and abilities that enable them to learn, understand and interact with the world around them. It involves the development of skills such as memory, problem-solving, attention, perception, and language.

An example of cognitive development is the development of object permanence in infants. This is the understanding that objects still exist even when they are not seen or heard, and typically emerges around 8 months of age.

Cognitive is a term used to describe mental processes and abilities related to learning, understanding, and interacting with the world around us.

Some of the most important cognitive functions include attention, memory, perception, problem-solving, reasoning, and executive functioning.

The stage of cognitive development in children is typically characterized by certain milestones in intellectual and cognitive abilities. The most well-known theory of cognitive development is Piaget’s stages of development, which includes distinct stages such as the sensorimotor stage, the preoperational stage, the concrete operational stage, and the formal operational stage.

The five cognitive development processes are:

  1. Sensation and perception
  2. Attention
  3. Memory
  4. Perception
  5. Problem-solving/Reasoning. 

These processes are interconnected and form the foundation for cognitive development in children.

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