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March 24, 2022

What to do during your summer vacation?

Summer vacation or summer break is the time when you don’t need to attend your academic classes, it’s the time that all of you look forward to, but what exactly can you do with all this time? How can you use this abundance of time to good use while still having a blast? 

Summer School Program
March 22, 2022

Sustainability due to online school

Every student can be encouraged to participate in growing a plant, right from the first stage of planting it to the later stages of taking care of it. This will give the student responsibility and will also ingrain the habit of planting from a young age. 

Sustainability due to online school
March 17, 2022

Rethinking K-12 Education

Traditional Schools are generally called K-12 Schools, but at our school, K-12 is flipped to represent the innovative and advanced learning model at ‘21K’ School.

K-12 Education
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