7 Best Suited Remote Learning Online Educational Activities For Your Kids

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  • 2023-06-13
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Nowadays, urban lives have become extremely busy and happening. Stress levels are at a peak among working professionals, and in most cases, both parents lead professional lives.

With busy schedules, parents are so engrossed that it is almost impossible to constantly pay attention to their child’s development and growth. Learning is a continuous process, and children between ages 5 and 13 have exceptionally high grasping power.

Letting children while away too much time indulging in unproductive activities would result in lesser learning. Since it’s impossible to spoon-feed your child with knowledge all the time, parents let children play games online or waste their time.

In these crucial years, children must seek an opportunity to grasp and learn a maximum number of things. Well, you can make your children indulge in remote learning activities. Seems like a plan.

Here are some fun online educational activities that will give your child food for thought.

1. Email writing

Email writing is a must-have skill in the digital age. Almost all professional work communication happens via email. Teaching your child to write a perfect email at a young age would make them future-ready to thrive in the corporate world.

Moreover, your child would also improve their vocabulary by writing emails. It would enhance your child’s professional communication and soft skills, which is a resourceful investment for the future!

2. Improve arithmetic math online

There are unlimited resources available online if you wish to plunder and learn. Maths is undoubtedly one of the most important subjects. Children need to have strong math fundamentals, which will help them throughout their lives.

To improve maths online, you can get a subscription to Mindspark; the website has maths questions on numerous topics and the user interface is highly interactive to attract children and keep them hooked to maths.

Alternatively, you can also check out other online apps and websites that can help your child excel at maths. 

3. Help your child improve vocabulary

Vocabulary is considered one of the most crucial aspects of learning. Strengthening language would help your child enhance their soft skills.

Improving vocabulary via games is one of the best methods to drive your child’s attention to learning. You can check this website out; it helps children grasp new words and build vocabulary while playing fun games.

4. Search for an educational podcast/playlist for your child

When children hear, their grasping power amplifies. Kids learn new things by letting them listen to educational playlists. You can easily find one on Spotify or Amazon music.

These playlists generally contain songs that are relevant to your ward’s curriculum. Alternatively, you can also check our YouTube and hunt for playlists that will help your child.

5. Set up an interview for your kid

Roleplaying as an interviewer or interviewee is a great way to build social skills. You can set up a mock interview for your child wherein any adult friend or family member could roleplay as the interviewer or the interviewee.

Your child can ask questions and answer questions asked to them. By doing so, your child would get early exposure to professional verbal communication amicably.

6. Teach your child the basics of coding

The current world runs on code. Coding is one of the highest-paid skills in the corporate world. Teaching your child the basics of coding could be an investment for the future.

Various websites teach coding in a very simplified manner for children to learn. By learning the basics of coding, your child can be well equipped to step into the corporate world! 

7. Install educational apps

Children tend to have invasively high screen time. Children between ages 5 and 13 spend a lot of time playing games online, surfing through YouTube, or using social media.

An average teenager has a screen time of 7 hours. This screen time could be utilized productively by using educational apps instead of wasting time.

There are various educational apps for children of different age groups. These educational apps could help children have quality screen time and learn as they have fun!

Bottom Line

Making learning a habit is highly important, especially among children. By exposing children to fun learning activities at a young age, you can inculcate a learning attitude in your kid, which can help them in the long run!


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Online platforms like Khan Academy, Codecademy, and Scratch offer interactive coding lessons, math tutorials, and creative projects to engage and educate kids during remote learning.

Websites like PBS Kids, National Geographic Kids, and ABCmouse provide age-appropriate interactive content for home learning across various subjects.

Parents can review and select online activities based on their children’s age, educational level, and content appropriateness to ensure a safe and productive learning experience.

Subjects such as math, science, language arts, and coding lend themselves well to online activities, fostering critical thinking and exploration.

Online activities like puzzle-solving games, virtual experiments, and coding challenges stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills in children.

Virtual tours of museums, zoos, and historical sites, such as those offered by Google Arts & Culture, provide immersive learning experiences at home.

Combine online activities with hands-on projects, outdoor exploration, and family discussions to maintain a balanced and holistic learning approach.

Incorporate multimedia elements, interactive quizzes, storytelling, and gamified learning to make online activities more engaging and participatory.

Apps like Duolingo, BrainPOP, and Tynker offer interactive, educational content that entertains and educates young learners.

Utilize online platforms with progress tracking features, set goals, review completed projects, and encourage open conversations to ensure optimal learning outcomes during remote education.

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