Seven reasons why Python is kid-friendly

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Guido van Rossum created the general-purpose coding language Python in 1991. It’s a general-purpose programming language that’s used in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Python is very kid-friendly. If parents plan to educate their kids about coding , they should consider introducing them to Python. This high-level coding language is easy to learn and fun to work with. Parents may wonder unsure whether Python is suitable for their kids or not. They need not worry but just read the seven reasons that will explain why Python is child-friendly.

Top 7 reasons why Python is suitable for your child

Python is a popular language that’s used by millions of developers worldwide. It’s a powerful language used for various purposes, including web development and data science. But what makes Python child-friendly? Here’s a list of 7 reasons why Python is easy to learn for children:


Understanding new ideas and concepts is the most challenging aspect of coding for beginners. Complex syntaxes and code structures are used in popular programming languages like C++ and Java. Beginners can be frequently frustrated by this, overwhelmed, and forced to give up programming altogether.

In contrast to most programming languages, Python’s syntax is brief and simple enough for humans to understand. One can understand what a piece of code does just by reading it because it is more similar to the English language . Python code writing is comparable to writing commands in standard English.

2.Versatile and flexible

The versatility and flexibility of Python can be other reasons parents enroll their children in a Python learning program . If parents want their children to build websites, applications, and more by just learning a coding language, Python is the best choice for them.

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Python programming is lightning fast compared to other web development languages such as PHP, ASP, and others. Python also has commendable frameworks such as Flasks, Pylons, and Django. This makes web development simple for Python, thus considered ideal for web development.

Python is also flexible to work with multiple platforms, like Windows, macOS, and more. Moreover, Python can be used with C/C++ and embedded in other programs. It means that Python can be extended with other coding languages.

3.Easy to set up

Setting up a programming environment can be challenging, but Python makes it much more manageable. A child can learn Python at home if they have a computer with the Windows operating system. Parents just have to download software from the official website and launch the Installer. Lastly, they must follow all instructions to complete the installation. After that, the child can begin codin with the Python interpreter. 

4.Improve maths

Indeed, every child hates maths. If parents want to improve their kids , Python is the best programming language. Applying mathematics with Python is super easy than solving standard mathematical equations. Python learning helps children to understand real-world applications of maths. Children come across Math problems as they learn to code , which they must resolve using higher-order thinking and logical reasoning. 

5.Improve academic performance

Parents might be thinking that Python can impact their child’s academic performance, but it is not so. Python not only improves the child’s programming skills but also their academic performance; as mentioned above, Python improves mathematics for kids by allowing them to solve mathematical equations. Moreover, Python uses simple English commands that can improve the kid’s writing and storytelling skills.

6.Python is in demand

The demand for Python is drastically increasing from the beginning. Its growth rate year over year is 27%, according to Stack Overflow. It surpasses that of other programming languages by a wide margin. According to many online resources, Python is currently one of the most sought-after coding languages to learn. Many educational leaders in the K–12 sectors anticipate that Python will replace English as the AP Computer Science Exam language.

7.Help in building a strong career

Python will not only improve the child’s academic performance but may also open the door to a prosperous future career if they are introduced to Python programming. Python is used extensively in web development for well-known web applications like YouTube, Instagram, and Google’s most widely used search engine. Many new career opportunities have arisen and will continue to arise due to Python’s widespread use in advanced fields.


Python is a modern programming language, and it’s used in many different fields, from software development to scientific research. Python is also an excellent coding language for beginners, as it’s a dynamic language that’s easy to read and intuitive to use. It’s also very kid-friendly, which is why it’s excellent for teaching programming to kids .


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