Programming Languages For Kids- Learn to Code From Scratch

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Programming is the building block of the technical world we live in today. Almost all industries are somehow directly interdependent on the technology industry and hence, indirectly dependent on programming. In a 2020 survey, programming was found to be among the highest-paid skills in the corporate world. Without a doubt, programming is a must-have skill for an individual who aims to thrive in the technical industry.

Technology has become an essential part of modern life. You can’t keep your kid away from gadgets. In today’s innovative world, where phones, TVs, and everything is becoming smart, you need to make your child wise. You can teach your kid to develop an app, game, website, and many more by coding.

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Today, many schools and online classes provide coding classes for kids to make them sharper and smarter in technology. Some of the most popular programming languages that kids can master at an early age and embark on a career in coding later are: – 

9 Best Programming Languages For Kids

From its name, Language of Graphics Orientation, you can understand that it helps create computer graphics. It is very easy and exciting due to the features of the turtle. A Turtle is a small robot that follows the commands for movement and drawing. On the other hand, it also provides a window for commands where you can give your required commands. Therefore, it may make learning more enjoyable and improve a child’s logical abilities. 


Karel is the name of a simple robot that follows the learner’s instruction or command. But it has its environment in which lines go horizontal and vertical. Karel follows the command in very simple ways: go, turn left, turn right, pick a beeper, repeat, if, while, etc. From Karel, beginners can learn basic coding. That’s why this language is designed as an educational programming language. Guiding a robot with a simple command of English makes learning more enjoyable. It enhances skills in learners like computational thinking , how to solve the problem, conditional commands, syntax, formatting of code, recursion, customizing the commands, etc. 


Scratch is the most popular visual programming language, which is also designed for educational purposes for children aged between 8–16. There is no need for written commands in scratch programming because there are different colored blocks that hold the different commands, and the programmer only needs to drag and drop the block. Scratch programming is as simple as the Candy Crush game. This is not limited to developing games; you can create stories, music, text, animations, and other objects from scratch. Scratch is a platform on which anyone can create a visual project or assignment. Many schools and colleges have included scratch programming in their syllabus. Users of scratch, known as “scratchers,” get challenges through the scratcher community and share their projects.


Python can create 2D and 3D images, websites, applications, games, data analysis, etc. Even the technologists of world-changing companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, and others use Python for their coding. Python provides you with simple syntax, versatile modules, and libraries that are useful in developing GUI applications, frameworks, web scraping, multimedia, etc., and is open source. 

A hot shot in the market, python is undoubtedly the most industry-relevant language. Upon its inception, python had become the talk of the tech town. Owing to its simple, English-like syntax and multiple libraries, 80 percent of companies now choose to develop their applications in python. Python could be a perfect start for your child since it has the easiest syntax. Moreover, python has several inbuilt libraries that make coding in python much easier. Almost all machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence companies use python. The above-listed domains are a few of the highest-paid ones. The demand for python developers in the industry is unbelievably high as well. Looking for an easy language to teach your child coding? Python is what you’re looking for


Java is an object-oriented high-level programming language in which coding is simple and changeable. It has an independent but secure platform. In the digital world, Java creates websites, applications, scientific supercomputers, smartphones, games, data centers, and many more. You can even say that those application devices that consist of a network through the internet are developed by Java programming. It is a lovable language because of its multipurpose use and simple coding. Become a programmer in the Java language and earn lakhs because there is a demand for Java programmers.

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Java is one of the most popular languages. Although primitive when compared to the newer languages in the market, java is still very much used by developers in the industry. Java is an amazing language; once your child has mastered it, they can proceed to make real-world projects using Java. Java has certain additional features when compared to c++, i.e. garbage collection, build process, and API availability, to name a few. The reasons listed above make Java a more industry-relevant language! Additionally, like c++, Java has many open-source online learning materials! Another advantage of Java is its several highly functional, open source IDEs (integrated development environments) such as NetBeans and Eclipse. IDEs make coding simpler and more fun!

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C Programming

C programming could be a good start, one of the most basic languages. In most school curriculums, C programming is the first language they teach. This could be an added advantage as learning C programming beforehand would also push your child to perform better at academics. C programming is one of the fastest languages and could help your child learn fundamental concepts such as procedural programming and pointers. Wish to teach your child C programming? Well, go ahead and teach them the “Hello world” program. You definitely will not regret it!


A modern version of C, C++ solves several drawbacks of the C programming language. Experienced developers in the tech industry claim that C++ is one of the best languages to start with if you wish to learn object-oriented programming. C programming works on procedural programming, which isn’t relevant to the current scenario. C++ has a lot of online resources to learn from, hence making learning easier. Hence, if you’re looking for a language that teaches children the fundamentals of coding, C++ is your go-to language. 

C++ is an open-source, object-oriented scripting language. It is a tool that provides a way of modularizing programs by creating a partition of memory area for both data and functions. It supports Windows, Unix, and Linux. In addition, C++ provides a strong graphical interface, which helps develop applications for desktops, web development, and many more.


Ruby is also an object-oriented programming language that provides you with an open-source platform. Ruby is a scripted language, which means it is not a compiled language. After learning this language, you can reach the web developer, data scientist, or software engineer position. This language is written in the C language and supports Linux, Mac, Windows, and Unix. It is very simple and speedy in use. That means it is not limited to web designing and is also helpful in data science, creating applications for desktops, and implementing automation at multiple levels.


HTML is one of the oldest and most commonly used web development languages. Today’s world runs on the internet, almost every business has a website of its own. These websites are generally built using javascript and nodejs. However, HTML is the base of all web development languages. Strengthening HTML concepts could benefit your child while learning advanced web development languages such as javascript, react, or nodejs. HTML is indeed simple and fun to learn, your child would surely enjoy learning it. If you wish to teach your child web development in the future, HTML must be the start! Help your child make their first basic webpage today! 

What is the advantage of coding for kids?

The primary advantage of programming is that it is your child’s golden ticket to the technology industry. The demand for developers in the corporate world is unending; hence, your child wouldn’t have to struggle with the lack of jobs. Another aspect that makes the technology industry a hot shot in the market is that the jobs are among the highest-paid jobs. The world of technology is hence filled with opportunities to grow and flourish. Starting programming early would strengthen your child’s programming concepts and teach them how to think logically. Wondering how your child can start and which programming language they can pick? Well, don’t worry about it; we’ve got you covered! Here are the top programming languages that you can teach your kid!


Coding is the language of instruction given to the computer by programmers because computers don’t understand human languages. That’s why developers need to learn special languages like kernel, scratch, C++, etc. As a kid, the languages discussed above are a good introduction to the world of coding.

Learning programming at a young age could be a mammoth investment for the future. The demand in the technical industry is surplus and will only rise shortly. Teaching programming to your kid makes them future-ready as they step into the world!


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