Coding Books For Elementary – Aged Kids

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Coding has become one of the most demanding jobs all over the world. Coding will help kids design a website, do online marketing, make mobile apps, and many more. It will increase their career opportunities, and they can even create their own business in the future. 

So, parents and schools should encourage kids to learn coding from a tender age.

Books are an excellent way to expand our minds and can help in enriching our knowledge. But can books teach coding to kids? Yes, of course, books are the perfect way to teach coding to children.

The article discusses coding books for Elementary- aged Kids. So, keep reading the article to learn about essential books to help kids learn coding.

Top 10 Coding Books For Elementary – Aged Kids

#1.My First Coding Book (Kiki Prottsman)

The best thing about this book is that a kid can easily acquire coding knowledge without requiring a computer.

A kid can quickly learn basic coding concepts like algorithms, variables, constants, debugging, and various others as the book is filled with puzzles, games, and mazes.

You can buy this book to learn coding concepts if your child is between 5 and 7 years old.

#2.Coding Games In Scratch (Jon Woodcock)

This book is mainly designed for kids who are entirely new to coding. The best thing about this book is that it lists down all the steps on how a kid can create computer games, animations, and various others.

#3. A Beginners Guide To Coding (Marc Scott)

It introduces kids to the world of coding in a fun way. The best thing about this book is that it comprises two programming languages, i.e., Scratch and Python.

#4.Python For Kids(Brendan Scott)

A kid can quickly learn Python language from this book. The first lesson in this book comprises basic things like downloading and installing Python on the computer, and then the rest of the lessons cover the Python programming language.

Kids above ten years old can easily understand this book. So, if your child is more than ten years and has an interest in coding, then purchase this book to learn about the Python programming language.

#5. Python In Easy Steps(Mike McGrath)

The book is mainly for kids above 11 years old, but the Python programming language is outlined in such a simple way that a middle schooler can easily understand it. After reading the entire book, a kid can easily make web pages.

#6.Coder Dojo Nano: Build Your Own Website: Create With Code

The book comprises only 96 pages and is suitable for elementary school-level kids. A kid can easily create a website after reading this book. Kids can exactly create a website as described in this book or can create whatever they love.

#7.How To Code A Roller Coaster(Josh Funk)

Kids will be able to learn coding by reading a beautiful story. Pearl and her robot Pascal went to an amusement park daily to enjoy spinning tea cups, ice cream, and a roller coaster. The book describes how coding has helped Pearl and Pascal to keep track of ride tokens and others. Kids above seven years old can easily acquire coding knowledge from this book. 

#8. How To Code: A Step By Step Guide To Computer Coding(Max Wainewright)

The first few chapters cover the basics of coding, like variables, constants, looping, and various others. Then it introduces kids to programming languages like Python, HTML, Java, and Script.

#9. Coding Concept For Kids(Randy Lynn)

The book teaches coding to kids with colourful games. A kid can quickly learn basic coding concepts like debugging, variables, and algorithms by doing various activities in the book. A kid needs a pencil to learn coding from this book.

#10.Rox’s Secret Code(Nathan Archambault,Mara Lecocq)

This book explains coding with the help of a beautiful story. Rox’s room was messy, and her father wanted her to clean it and do coding. The book describes how Rox did both works by just programming the robot. Later the robot went out of control. So, Rox had to fix the coding to avoid further trouble.


Coding helps a kid to become a logical thinker. They will start solving problems uniquely. Coding enables a kid to break down a big problem into a few small issues which can be easily handled. Learning coding from the elemental school level can create ample job opportunities in the future.


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