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k-12 Education

In the last three years, with the emergence of the pandemic, we had to make changes in every spectre of our lives. The way we viewed things changed entirely, taking a step ahead of how we worked and even pursued k-12 education. It has reiterated what we have known for a while; the virtual world will be a new reality.

Today, it is a fact that our felicity with technology shall determine our future growth. Online schools become the sine-qua-non Vis-a-vis a child’s uninterrupted and holistic education in this scenario. The traditional K-12 Education, which denote kindergarten to 12th grade, seldom answer the modern-day needs of students and parents. This is where Online schools almost turn out to be a panacea for the woes of the students and parents.

We have designed some of the best online school curriculums to provide world-class education through trained teachers. 21K School is the first online-only school in India launched after analyzing various concerns of both students and parents at great length. In addition to this, we provide students with a unique opportunity to study alongside UK/US students, which prepares them to adapt to a culturally diverse ecosystem. Such a global perspective will help them turn into confident individuals ready to face the world irrespective of where they are in future.

Besides syllabus-driven education, it emphasizes social skills, life skills, and education amenable to students’ future careers. International quality k-12 education at an affordable price is the crux of this system.

21K – The New Age Online School

The Rise of the Need for Technology 

With the emergence of the pandemic, physical schools resorted to conducting their classes online. However, they lacked the requisite infrastructure needed to perform classes online. In such a situation, they automatically switched to external service providers like Google Meet or Zoom to take classes, which came with challenges. This is just one of the examples of situations where 21K School trumps physical schools with its state-of-the-art technology to meet the requirements of all stakeholders involved.

Learning Management System (LMS)

We at 21K School have designed one of the best online school programs called the Learning Management System or LMS, which presents a smorgasbord of options to all the stakeholders. One of its top features includes providing flexibility of location. Students can access LMS regardless of where they may be residing globally. Moreover, the system ensures that every class is recorded to make it available for those that couldn’t make it to the live class. Only enrolled students have access to these links made available on the portal. This system serves the dual purpose of privacy and ease of operation. By bookmarking the page, clicking the calendar, and successively scheduling their class, the student can attend live class without a daily log-in. 21K School being an Online school provides complete flexibility even with the syllabus as it provides global education.

Summer School Programs

If you were under the impression that 21K School is limited to only providing your child with academic knowledge, then we urge you to think again. At 21K, your child gets the opportunity to be enrolled in summer schools that work on his complete cognitive development. Furthermore, it acknowledges how a child’s future need not depend solely on academic excellence. On the contrary, your child’s development needs the nourishment of both academic and life skills for their growth. Through one of their best online school curriculums , 21K provides top-quality k-12 education to students while giving them enough scope to pursue their passion.


One of the critical features of our online school is that it does not restrict the student’s learning to the syllabus alone. Instead, it envisages learning beyond the syllabus. With our classes spanning 3-4 hours a day, we ensure to provide your child ample time to pursue their passion. In addition to this, we also encourage them to lead a more passionate student life through different badges provided to them through gamification. This practice boosts your child’s enthusiasm for getting better and encourages other children to follow suit. 

Online School

21K School

Read our latest education blogs here. We are pioneers in proffering personalised, affordable and high-quality lessons using an advanced learning platform.


The primary to secondary education system in India is termed as K-12 Education where K stands for kindergarten and 12 stands for grade 12.

Yes, 21K School is legal in India.

21K School is a formally recognised and accredited K-12 School offering Indian, American and British Curriculum online for students aged 3 to 18 years in India and abroad.

21K School was started in 2020 and is largest global online school with 21000 members from all over the world with around 8000 students from 74 countries and also includes 500 facilitators

Our Mission is to enable all learners’ access to learning through the happiest classrooms, offering: differentiated, in-depth and cohesive learning programs aligned to year-level content and achievement standards informed by the curriculum.

K-12 schools are generally referred to as K-12 Schools, where K stands for Kindergarten and 12 for Grade 12. The K-12 learning model at ’21K’ School is flipped to represent the flipped learning model.

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