Future Technology Jobs in 21st Century

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  • 2021-10-09
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The future of jobs in 21st century aims to simplify things, curtail manual labour and contribute results that are more accurate and effective. Such aims employ technology to achieve that perfection.

The surge of technology taking over jobs has not been gradual but has swept us like a wave in the past decade with numerous contemporary advancements wherein we can do so many things that we couldn’t before. Soon, countless jobs will be replaced and done better through technological innovation.

Urban unemployment in India rose to 9.78 per cent in August from 8.3 per cent in July 2021, this was primarily due to the second wave of COVID-19, but regardless of the current situation, India has always had an unemployment crisis, and it’ll only continue to deteriorate if we don’t take up the skills required to be a part of future employment opportunities. This succeeding technological revolution will wipe out most jobs if the essential action isn’t taken.

Amazon recently started Amazon Go which is a chain of convenience stores in the United States and the United Kingdom. These stores are partially automated; they don’t have a cashier or a self-checkout station; the customer can just walk in, pick up what they want and leave. We also have cars that drive themselves, emails that get sent in an instant and a tremendous variety of substitutes. Though this might make our lives easier, it also makes the world a competitive place where you have to ensure that you stay above technology so that your skill isn’t replaced.

The only way to stay above technology is to start exploring jobs in the 21st century of the future and being updated with everything so that you can move forward and not be left behind. Schools must start incorporating digital education into their curriculum or at least move on from only teaching traditional subjects to also teaching students to equip for the future.

There are many ways students can cultivate skills for the future, they can take up courses related to a STEAM curriculum, courses on Artificial Intelligence, coding, etc. When students are given such an advantage, they discover more and they create more. They need to be supported by teachers to learn the usage of various digital tools.

Digital literacy can help in moulding the students for future careers and due to this even if technology upswings, humans will still be around to incorporate new ideas and sustain the world in a balanced manner.

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