How to Deal with Homesickness at an Online School

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Homesickness in online school

When kids are away from home, it’s common for them to feel homesick or nervous, and these emotions don’t always indicate that something is wrong with your kid. All kids can be homesick, but younger kids and kids who have never been away from home are often more likely to experience it. In addition, children may be prone to feel homesick if they are going through a life transition, their families are unstable, they struggle to control their emotions, or they have a history of depression or anxiety. But how do you deal with children feeling homesick in an online homeschooling environment?  As surprising as it sounds, it is true and more common than you think. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the top 5 ways you can deal with homesickness at an online school .

1. Take a cooking class

Students who are homeschooled often have problems feeling ‘at home’ while they are at home due to being in a disciplined environment – their home. It is very important to make your child’s learning activities fun. Any student should pay attention to the topic of home economics. They learn the fundamentals of household administration in this session. Use this opportunity to teach your youngster some cooking skills.

They will pick up some fundamental cooking skills that they will use throughout their life. Make careful to teach them age-appropriate skills. Additionally, learning how to cook may involve measuring materials, baking desserts, and making no-cook meals.

2. Read together in a library

You might know how crucial reading is for your child’s development as a parent or homeschool educator. It might grow monotonous after a while to spend 30 minutes each day at home reading a book. Consider going to your neighbourhood library to shake things up a bit. This will bring your kids closer to you and they will not feel homesick.

For homeschooling students, some libraries even provide various reading groups or activities. Review the daily schedule at the library and register for the various events they host.

3.Discuss art in a nearby museum

The greatest approach for any youngster to learn is in their own way. After multiple lessons in a confined setting, take your lessons outdoors. Homeschooling can be made fun that does not make your child feel homesick. Visiting a nearby museum with them would be a fantastic option! You can go to an art gallery and talk about the many works of art there as part of your art class.

4. Take a break at a local park

Every homeschooling parent and child will require a break at some point during the day to reconnect as a family. Why not let them go to a nearby park for a break? This will allow the child to reconnect with the parents and guardians on an emotional level and not just within the confines of a homeschool classroom. Reconnecting and having fun activities with parents is very crucial for students who are homeschooled. This allows them to distinguish between ‘fun time’ and ‘learning time’ and the child does not feel homesick in an online homeschool setting.

5. Allow them to get messy with arts and crafts

Let your youngster get a little sloppy when doing arts and crafts; don’t be frightened of it. Provide them with paper, canvas, paints, markers, and pastels. This would ease the tension of feeling disciplined in a homeschool setting, and the child will feel free to continue their lessons.


Use the helpful suggestions in this blog to refresh things up and make your homeschool education more engaging so that it does not leave your child feeling homesickness at an online school. A balance between fun and play is fruitful in more ways than one.

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Homesickness can last for days, weeks, or even months depending on the severity.

Reassure them that it’s normal to feel this way and talk about positive memories they have of home. Invite them to participate in activities with you or your friends and remind them of the exciting new opportunities they have at their current location.

Yes, it is completely ok to cry when feeling homesick–it’s a natural response to missing something familiar. It’s important to try and process your feelings rather than suppressing them.

Homesickness can be made worse by lack of contact from friends and family, not engaging in social activities, and an unfamiliar atmosphere. It is also important to take care of yourself physically – getting adequate rest, eating healthy meals, and exercising regularly.

Everyone experiences homesickness differently; however, it is a normal feeling that many people will experience at some point in their lives. If the feeling persists for longer than a month or two, it might be necessary to seek help from a professional counselor.

Kids may feel homesick for various reasons, such as being away from home for extended periods of time or going through big changes like transitioning to a new school. Culture shock, the fear of the unknown, and loneliness can all contribute to homesickness. It is important for children to have an open and honest dialogue with their parents or guardians about how they are feeling.

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