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  • 2022-06-07
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Providing quality education to your child is the priority of every parent in the world. To ensure that they address this priority, parents leave no stone unturned. With the emergence of the pandemic, parents turned unsettled as their child’s education was gravely hampered.

This was when we created 21K School, India’s first online-only school to address such schooling concerns of parents globally. After all, parents are a crucial part of a child’s education. With the online school concept in place, parents can participate in their child’s education, receiving timely updates on their child’s progress. Over time, we have developed one of the best online schools.

Addressing Concerns Of Parents Of An Online School Curriculum 

We acknowledge that parents are the major stakeholders in their child’s education. Therefore, we have ensured to address each of their concerns using our state of the art technology.

1. Partnering With Parents

As an unofficial partnership, parents at 21K work together to provide good education to their children. In light of this, we have kept our doors open to answer parents’ queries at any time of the day. Parents can approach the concerned teacher or the principal in severe cases regarding matters concerning their child. Through our Learning Management System (LMS), parents can also view the graph of their children. This is in contrast to a physical school where parents needed to wait an entire semester to receive news of their child’s progress report. This makes the entire system transparent, and lets parents feel confident about their child’s future.

2. Focus On Curriculum

In situations when a student remains absent or does not attend classes on more than 2 occasions, parents are notified of it immediately. Parents not present during class hours too are notified about their child’s attendance in the class. These steps ensure that parents can immediately take remedial action.

3. Loss Of Classes

21K is an online school , so parents who have frequent transfers need not worry about the child’s change of school and attendance difficulties. Moreover, parents of kids who pursue sports, arts, dance, music or similar passions often worry about the classes their child has missed. However, we record every class which your child can access anytime. The navigation to the class is also straightforward, and it does not require login frequently.

4. Health & Safety Concerns

21K School is an ideal educational space for those who find it difficult to attend physical classes when challenged physically. Additionally, since we are an online school where the child can study in the home’s cosy comfort, parents need not worry about the child’s safety and can monitor his studies. This relieves the minds of parents, making them breathe easily.


Enrolling children in an online school can bring parental concerns to the forefront. Therefore, we strive to bring your child good quality education affordable and accessible to every child whilst also addressing parents’ concerns. We understand that parents need to understand this process; hence we provide counselling before onboarding. Suffice to say that we, at 21K School , are a child’s educational paradise. 


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