Online Schooling: Parent’s View on Education

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  • 2022-12-06
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Online Schooling: Parent's View on Education

The world is powered by digital technology, which has somehow taken over the education industry. Parents have mixed ideas about their kids’ Education which is 90% online. This modernised method is going to be there for the long term. As per numerous research in the education system, specific categories of respondents believe that adopting online school  has already increased students’ learning and exploring mentality.

Parents’ view on Education has shifted in favour of Online Education. Virtual communication amidst the ongoing pandemic has emphasised many factors, per the parents. It is safe, secure, upskilling, and even reskilling for students and growing adults.

What is expected from online Education?

As per the Parents’ opinion about online school, online learning comes in the best packages for learning and exploring.


The most likeable thing about online education is flexibility. Learning virtually from anywhere allows the students on the team to pursue the coursework without commuting to any physical camps. Online courses require learners to attend live lectures that can be quickly scheduled. Studying anything and everything conveniently at your own pace is truly important to learn something in the long run.

The opportunity for Career Advancement

The career advancement that online Education offers is vast. The importance of skill-based education  and learning new things goes beyond 15 years of schooling. Online learning is way too flexible, which appeals to working professionals. Parents even favour attending online Education for their careers as their kids are busy with online classes. It has helped both cases.

A large number of courses and programs

You can enjoy online learning success  as you find more programs that suit you best worldwide. Find the program that suits your profession and do it! Studying on campus won’t give you that much freedom. Parents get time for themselves as the kids continue to enjoy online classes. It offers more options to help you achieve your goals and train your kids.

Broader educational perspectives

The online classmates are based around the world. In online Education, you gain additional perspective from professionals across the globe who share a diverse range of ideas and experiences. It helps to grow. You can explore different mindsets and groom yourself while speaking with them in fluent language. It is essential for increasing communication skills.

No need for relocation

One of the best advantages of learning online  is no need for physical movement. Parents find this advantageous as they can skip the commuting part and concentrate on the kids. It effectively helps the parents to make a balance between their work and their kids’ academic life. You can stay wherever you want and practice while attending online classes. The experience of online classes is pretty much the same as offline classes. Right now, society is more into digital nomads, meaning you can be at home and embrace independence, technology, and lifestyle with online education.

Balanced school life

Parents’ view on education has changed effectively. Whether your kid is a full-time or a part-time student for any class, they can have a balance in life. They can choose their live demonstrations and discussions with teachers and even have group chats with friends to remain aware of what is happening. Upon completing any online education, the learner will be able to analyse, evaluate and understand the subject matter, which eventually helps them grow as a professional in the long run. Being at your own pace is of utmost and highly observed in online learning, which is loved by all.

Parents’ opinion about online school has effectively helped both parents and learners/students. They have gained technical skills that will benefit them in the long run. The utilisation of online hardware and software uses like installing software, and more have helped in mastering the course learning management system and digital navigation materials.

The Bottom Line

Online Education has helped in all possible ways. From your home comfort, you can learn how to handle and balance your life. Students can enjoy the benefits of personalized learning , as did the parents. The flexibility, convenience, and time management has inculcated great benefits in the long run. Education is an essential way to grow. For financial freedom and societal standards, Education plays an important part. Online Education has equally helped in the process. There is no way out of it!


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The opinions of parents on online classes can vary depending on their individual experiences and circumstances. While some parents may appreciate the flexibility and convenience of online classes, others may have concerns or challenges.

Here are some common perspectives and issues faced by parents during online classes:


  • Technical challenges: Parents may encounter difficulties in setting up and troubleshooting technology, ensuring stable internet connectivity, or helping their children navigate online platforms and tools.
  • Balancing work and supervision: Many parents have to juggle their own work responsibilities with supervising their children during online classes. This can be particularly challenging for working parents who may struggle to find the time and resources to support their children’s learning.
  • Limited engagement and motivation: Some parents may observe that their children struggle to stay engaged and motivated during online classes, as they may find it harder to focus without face-to-face interactions and the structure of a physical classroom.
  • Increased parental involvement: Online classes often require increased parental involvement in supporting their child’s learning. This may include monitoring assignments, providing technical assistance, and assisting with organizational skills.

The level of parental satisfaction with online classes can vary. Some parents may appreciate the flexibility, reduced commute time, and the ability to closely monitor their child’s progress. On the other hand, some parents may have concerns about the limitations of online learning, the impact on their child’s social development, and the challenges associated with parental involvement.

The role of parents in online education is crucial. Parents can provide support and encouragement, create a conducive learning environment at home, monitor their child’s progress, communicate with teachers, and help with technical issues. They can also play a role in maintaining their child’s motivation, organization, and time management skills.

Concerns may arise regarding the limited opportunities for social interaction, peer relationships, and the potential impact on their child’s emotional well-being.

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