How Can an Online School Support Homeschooling Parents?

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  • 2022-03-30
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Are you considering homeschooling your child? If yes, then a host of questions might be running through your mind. You may be unsure of matters such as the undivided focus of your child, discipline, academic performance, curriculum, and learning structure while homeschooling all by yourself. Homeschooling also necessitates adjusting your work schedule, routine, and lifestyle. Online School Education is the best solution to all your worries. It is a 21st-century tutoring model growing fast in modern digital times. While homeschooling is an alternative to the traditional education system, online schools are a sustainable proposition to support homeschooling parents like you. Let us understand in detail the various benefits assurances when you opt for online school education for your child.

Advantages of virtual school for homeschooling parents: 

Structure and Discipline

The main advantage of online school is that it provides a systematic learning framework for your child. There is a structured schedule of the online classes, term-wise syllabus, assignment submissions, and online exams. Following the online school learning guidelines and timetable instigates a daily study routine, discipline, and consistency in the homeschoolers.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Online schools come with the best online curriculum for all the subjects. Online school courses, programs, and learning materials are well-researched. A great deal of brainstorming and critical thinking is involved in preparing assignments, study materials, and test papers. The content of online resources is designed and curated by professional educators. Virtual schooling thus focuses on offering the best online school programs for the holistic development of homeschoolers.

Expert Faculty

Online schools hire certified and experienced teachers to coach students. They are subject-matter experts in their respective fields, delivering lessons through live and interactive sessions in virtual classrooms. Furthermore, they teach in a phased and structured manner to match the learning pace and style of the students.

Proficient online school teachers take students’ doubts during these online sessions. Furthermore, they remain accessible to them during the school days to attend to their queries. You can also connect with them during regular online parent-teacher meetings to discuss your child’s academic progress or state your concerns. The expert faculty thus provide an immersive, engaging, and personalised learning experience to homeschoolers.

Innovative Teaching Methods

The best virtual schools understand the challenges faced by homeschooling parents and students. Thus, they adopt an innovative and technology-driven approach to coaching and educating homeschoolers. They strive to provide an interactive and collaborative platform to transform their learning experience.

The online classes provide a real-time learning experience to homeschoolers. The teachers deliver lessons using PowerPoint presentations, virtual whiteboards, videos, and infographics, to make studying captivating and enjoyable. An optimal student-teacher ratio in the class renders them the chance to give personalised attention to the students. Online schools use the new-age evaluation techniques to provide a detailed analysis of the test performance. Students get regular feedback and guidance from the teachers to enhance their grades.

Online school education harnesses creative technological tools and resources to enhance understanding of subject concepts. These innovative tools are online puzzles and quizzes, printable worksheets, interactive activities and projects, and educational games, to name a few. Thus, innovative coaching methods improve the grades and scores of your child, develop skills, and boost confidence and morale.

Affordable Tutoring

Online schools are an affordable tutoring solution relative to the traditional schooling system. While online public schools are free, online private schools charge a nominal tuition fee to provide the best learning experience to homeschoolers. You only need to invest in a high-speed internet connection and a device (tablet, laptop, desktop, or smartphone) to get started. Online school education also offers merit-based scholarship programs for high-performing students. Thus, affordable tuition charges and homeschooling fees are the financial advantages of online school.

Add-On Homeschooling Online Provisions

Access to recordings of live sessions.

Parent’s dashboard on the online school website to view their child’s academic progress.

Online library with a pool of e-books for all the subjects and grades.

Online connections with fellow students, parents, and teachers through home school online communities.

Counselling sessions to advise homeschoolers on online tutoring, handling the examination stress, career planning, etc.

Final Thoughts

Homeschooling your child all by yourself can be a daunting task for you as a parent. It requires meticulous planning and execution to design curriculum, prepare study schedule, devise new teaching techniques, prepare tests, evaluate performance, and whatnot. Online school education is a one-stop solution to all your predicaments. This new tutoring method is evolving to be the best means for parents aspiring to home school their children. The best virtual schools use innovative tools to deliver technology-driven learning solutions to the students. So, enrol your child at our online school to give them the best learning experience and ease your engagement in their everyday schooling.

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The foremost advantage of homeschooling is that it provides a flexible study method. Students can learn at their own pace. Learning can be fun at home and students can focus on other skills. Parents get more quality time with their children.

Parents play an important role in online education, such as setting up a disturbance free area so their child can take classes, helping them with their homework, doing activities together, making them follow a routine at home etc.

Some parents love online learning because they spend more time with their children. In online learning, students get to learn at their own pace. They will learn to manage their time more efficiently.

Parents play an important role in online education, such as setting up a disturbance-free area so their child can take classes, helping them with their homework, doing activities together, making them follow a routine at home etc.

Homeschooling is stressful for parents because they have to create and implement a curriculum, which is time-consuming and stressful. Homeschooling can be isolating for both parents and children, which can lead to feelings of stress and burnout. There may also be pressure to ensure that children receive a high-quality education, which can contribute to stress.

Parents have concerns about online learning related to their child’s ability to stay engaged and motivated, social development, quality of education, exposure to screen time, accessibility for children who lack reliable technology and internet connectivity, and parent’s ability to effectively support their child’s learning in an online environment.

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