Rainy Day? Take A Look At These Indoor Activities For Kids

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  • 2022-10-06
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Kids playing indoor activity in rainy days

Kids and parents equally enjoy the fresh breeze on a sunny day. But unforeseen circumstances like unexpected holidays and rainy weather can lock families indoors. If unengaged, the energetic and inquisitive nature of kids can drag them towards boredom immediately. So, to avoid cabin fever, every parent must be ready with a list of indoor activities that satiate the growth. Keep reading about the activities and the mental health benefits of playing them.

Are indoor activities as good as outdoor activities?

Indoor and outdoor activities are equally important for the growth and development of kids. While outdoor activities help kids critical thinking. With creative indoor games, people can motivate their kids to push their cognitive boundaries and explore their creative side.

Indoor Activities for Kids

While indoor activities should be encouraged, people must not count TV, iPad, and cell phone games under this category. Listed below are some easy indoor activities for kids.

1. DIY Activities:

In this activity, parents must ask their kids to collect all odds and ends in their room. This includes glue, markers, sketch pens, stickers, beads, cotton swabs, crayons, and paint, among many others. The kids must be allowed to wander in their realm of creativity to create new artworks.

2. Board Games:

The quote “Old is gold” is applicable in this case. Despite being a traditional idea, board games can be fun and exciting for kids and adults. It gives them the warmth and affection of family time while stirring up their competitive spirit.

3. Indoor Camps:

The inaccessibility of the external world should never stop kids from bringing it indoors. Parents can team up against their children to start a competition in tent-making. The first team to complete their tent wins the game. In this game, the teams can use items at home to make their tent. These include blankets, shawls, pillows, carpets, and lights.

4. Science Experiments:

In this world full of mystery, nothing invokes curiosity in a child’s mind more than science. Parents can use the ingredients in their kitchen to perform science experiments with their kids. Regardless of the child’s age, they will enjoy the process of discovering something new. Activities include creating lava lamps, snow globes, homemade slime, volcano, gardening, etc.

5. Reading:

Some kids might find the idea of reading dull and uninteresting. Parents can make this activity riveting by making this a “Readout Loud” activity. Parents and kids can take turns reading a story out loud. With this activity, the attention span of the kids’ increases, their language develops, and their imagination is strengthened.

6. Obstacle Course:

In the obstacle course game, parents can ask their kids to brave obstacles to reach a final point. The obstacles can be rods, boxes, soft toys, and other objects found at home.

7. Scavenger Hunt:

Parents can find it interesting to create a scavenger hunt at home. The main idea of this game is to hide little objects around the house and ask children to find them using clues. Parents can use the internet to create easy or challenging clues for their kids.

8. Puzzles and Riddles:

Puzzles and riddles are known to increase the cognitive capability of a child. These games can create an intriguing indoor activity that encourages kids to unravel mysteries and feel the excitement of solving complicated problems .

9. Sponge Painting:

Parents can engage their kids in sponge painting as a break from more demanding activities. All that needs to be done in this activity is to gather sponges of multiple sizes and dip them in watercolors to create a beautiful painting. Kids of all ages and adults will enjoy this activity for long hours.

10. Sentence Games:

Parents and kids can form a big group to play the game of “exquisite corpse.” In this game, every person gets only to see the sentence written by the person before them and not by anyone else. Based on that sentence, the next person must continue the story the way they want. Ultimately, the final story is read out loud and enjoyed by every family member.


While corralling a group of kids in a house can seem daunting, these activities will keep them engaged and happy for a long time. So, try these out to spend quality time with the family on a rainy day.


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There are many activities that you can do on a rainy day such as board games, arts and crafts, baking, pillow fight, making slime, dance, decorating cupcakes, balloon tennis, video games etc.

The best indoor activity has to be reading a book . It is the best use of time anyone can do. Also, it will enhance your knowledge.

Some indoor activities are bowling, board games, checkers, baking, art and craft, table tennis, jigsaw puzzles, science experiments, dancing,  yoga, cleaning, reading etc.


The five benefits of indoor activities are:

Development of cognitive skills.

Stress buster

Improve memory

Improve fitness

Quality time with family and friends

Indoor activities are important for kids as they will give your child physical fitness, sharp memory, enhanced cognitive skills, creativity, improved memory etc.

Indoor play in early childhood refers to the activities and play experiences that take place within an indoor setting, such as a home, classroom, or play area, for young children between the ages of birth to five years old.

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