Hobby Class Ideas for Young Kids

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  • 2022-06-19
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Hobby Classes

Ah…so many hobby classes to choose from and so little time to do it! Your little kids would seem interested in all sorts of things at this tender age. They are like a sponge that is ready to soak in all the information that you provide them. Now is the time to help your child understand what truly interests them and what else they would like to learn, apart from their formal education. Here are a few hobby class ideas for young kids that can help channel their energy in the right direction:

1. Self-Defense

This is something that every child must learn, especially in this day and age. As our kids grow older and older, they will be required to navigate the world on their own. They will meet all sorts of people and it is our responsibility to give them all the tools that they need for their protection. While we give a lot of importance to making our kids emotionally and mentally strong, teaching them self-defence can make them physically strong. It also teaches the child how to react quickly under a pressure situation. It will also motivate the child to stand up for themselves and even help others who might be in danger.

2. Artsy touch

Young kids are usually very connected to their artistic selves. Be it colouring, dancing, drawing, singing, etc., you will find them doing these things on their own, without any push from our side. It would help if you simply nudge the child to learn more about the art form that they are interested in. You can enrol them for classes that teach how to play musical instruments or sign them up to learn classical singing or dancing. Something like learning pottery or painting can also be a good idea. Such classes not only help your child grow cognitively but also help in developing their fine motor skills .

3. Learning a new language

This can actually be of great help to your child in the coming years, not only professionally but also socially. The world is becoming smaller and smaller and now many parents want their kids to be global citizens, and to feel at home anywhere in the world. Learning any new language could be the first step toward that endeavour. It will also widen up your child circle of friends and expose the child to different cultures. Learning sign language can immensely help the child by not limiting his/her interaction with only those who can communicate verbally.

4. Collaborating with an NGO

Involving the child in some type of social cause can help a lot in your child’s wholesome development. You can make frequent visits to an orphanage, old-age home, animal shelter, etc. and let your child help out in whatever way he/she can. You could also collaborate with an NGO and ask them how the child can contribute. This will teach your child the value of thinking about someone other than himself/herself. This is one life lesson that you cannot teach the child unless the child actually experiences it.

5. Learning a survival skill

There are several survival skills that will help your child succeed while navigating the world independently. You can sign the child up for swimming lessons or let him/her learn cooking. You need not even spend any money and teach the child how to stay hygienic and how you keep their surroundings clean. You can show them how to grow their own food. You can also involve your child while you fix simple leaks and mend broken things around the house. Learning these skills may not seem that important but they can help the child a lot in the future.

In this ever-changing world, it is not enough to only give your child a good education. You must also encourage your child to participate in extra-curricular activities for a well-rounded personality. By enrolling your school-age kids in a hobby class, you can help them discover their passions and hobbies, and help them find ways to nurture and develop those skills.

Authored by Bhavna Bhalla,

A full-time mother for the last six years and a part-time writer for over a decade with a passion for travelling and engaging in intellectually-stimulating conversations.


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Introduce your kids to a hobby by finding something that aligns with their interests or passions. Encourage them to explore different options and try out different activities until they find something that they enjoy.

Hobbies for kids can be any activity that they enjoy doing in their free time. Some common hobbies for kids include playing sports, reading books, playing musical instruments, and making art.

Some ideas for hobbies include drawing, painting, playing a sport, learning a musical instrument, writing, gardening, hiking, photography, and cooking.

You can explain a hobby to a child as an activity that they do for fun and enjoyment in their free time. A hobby can help them develop skills, express their creativity, and find a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Hobbies are important for kids because they provide opportunities for them to develop new skills, express their creativity, and build self-esteem. Hobbies also help to reduce stress, improve mood, and promote overall well-being.

The hobby that is liked by most children can vary depending on their interests and personality. However, some popular hobbies for kids include playing sports, drawing and painting, playing musical instruments, and reading books.

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