12 Ways the Last Recession Changed Indian School’s Online Education

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  • 2022-10-22
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Recession changes in online education

Several factors affect the online schooling system in India. The amount and budget remain one of the most significant factors. The recession has already changed several things in education. It has drastically impacted the education system. Understanding these things will also help to understand the current situation. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the recession changes in online education system. But to fully get a grasp of it, it is also important to know the effects of regression on it.

How Recession Plays a Role in the Education System

Education, indeed, is one of the most essential and basic needs for every child in the country. So, despite anything, children need education. No matter what goes on in the world, education is essential to growth. However, it is impacted by situations around the globe. The recession is one of the many things that has impacted education.

While the recession will come into the picture, the amount and budget will change. Not only that there will also be some other impacts of the recession changes in online education. With the recession, the type of schooling system might change. The fee structure will also change. That might have a high impact on the education system.

However, there is a piece of good news. Students can access the content at their own speed and take customized lessons through online education. Personalized recommendations are given to students based on their performance and learning trends. Students who perform well will not be required to remain in the class at a lower level. Those who require further assistance or a slower pace will receive it.

These impacts have drastically changed the education system.

1. Conversion of The Method

The first thing that happened was the conversion of the education process. Ideally, in India, the schooling system used to be a physical one. But, due to the recession, it has been converted to an online one.

2. Change in Budget

A recession will bring considerable changes in all the budgets. This means it will impact education as well. So, it is quite natural that there is a change in funding or education during the recession. That also has an impact on the education system.

3. Lost Jobs in Private Schools

Private schools always run on their budgets. Because of this, several teachers have lost their jobs due to the recession. Also, as the method of schooling has changed, people are no longer required. This has caused even more loss of jobs.

4. Funding Cut for The Teacher’s Association

Every state and zone in India has some teachers’ associations. They have also been affected by the recession. So, they were also forced to go through a funding cut.

5. Some Schools got Closed

Due to the recession, some schools ultimately closed down. Some schools had most students from families below the poverty line. They were unable to pay the fees. This led to the closure of those schools.

6. Changes in Pay Scale

Earlier, the payment structure used to be based on seniority level. But now, with the recession, this one has also changed. The decision on the pay scale is now wholly based on a teacher’s teaching ability. This is a positive, much-required change.

7. High Chance of Job Uncertainty

Due to the impact of the recession on education, teachers need to perform their best every time. If they don’t do so, they might even lose their jobs. It is natural for this stress to degrade their performance in the classroom.

8. Less Satisfaction for Teachers

Education in recession has not only changed the budget, but also the process. With less payment, some teachers have to make the teaching process online, instead of physical schooling. This has caused dissatisfaction among teachers.

9. Fewer Students in Private Schools

The recession has also impacted parents. Some private schools have high fees. This made some students drop out of those schools. Very few students are being admitted to those schools. So, those schools have suffered a loss as well.

10. Changes in Education Policy

The education board of India and all other states have made some new policies. This is why India’s education system is experiencing some changes. Along with that, this is also affecting the students and the teachers.

11. Quality of Learning

Whenever a teacher isn’t satisfied and is at risk of losing their job, they won’t be able to teach properly. This leads to the quality of learning not getting any better for the students. They are missing the most needed part.

12. Students’ Low Performances

The recession did not prove good for the students. Online education is not capable enough of teaching everything. This causes poor performance. It might affect them in the future.


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