Solving The Disadvantages of Homeschooling

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Homeschooling In India

The volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous [VUCA] environment accelerated through the pandemic has changed the way we think. Our minds are open to many new options and alternatives. Homeschooling or educating the little ones at home is one alternative that is being explored voraciously in the post-pandemic Era.

Advantages Of Homeschooling

The safety of the child is by far the biggest advantage that the parents get out of homeschooling.  In India, schooling in a controlled environment of the house is proving popular. While to and fro transportation can be avoided, the food quality can be controlled by parents. Home-schooling is customized to the child’s background and culture avoiding unnecessary conflicts. In a multicultural country like India, a physical classroom bring various cultures and belief system. Many parents don’t want their children to be exposed to all of them early on. A controlled and graded exposure can turn the child more appreciative of the changes.

Parental control is higher which translates into deeper involvement and bonding. The parent-child interactions would be weaved into a daily routine. That is better than a weekend affair which is often the case with normal schooling. Children are not exposed to bullying or any kind of discrimination. This helps develop a sense of self-worth and confidence early on. The sense of victimization can have long-lasting effects on bullied children. This kind of scenario can be totally avoided in home-schooling.

Travelling or transferring in jobs does not affect the children’s education . Many times parents have to compromise on career-related travel. If they do choose on-site work, they have to endure the separation from the family or worse let the child’s education lapse. With home-schooling, this kind of problem doesn’t occur at all as the school is where the child is.

Disadvantages Of Homeschooling

Parents need to do research and carve out a syllabus that is accredited. Without proper recognition, the child is bound to face difficulties in higher education . The time spent by the parents on the child’s education will have been substantial and sustained. One of the parents at least will have to spend almost the same time as the child if not more not only to tutor the child.

Another disadvantage is certain challenges, For eg, a home-schooled child of well-educated parents living in suburbs in south India like Theni would never be able to comprehend the challenges that a slum dweller of the city faces in Dharavi. His cultural, religious and traditional beliefs would be limited to the ones that are being followed at his home or in nearby areas. This might prove a hindrance to developing an all-inclusive tolerant attitude as the child grows ups Parent’s know-how about the different Accreditations and the latest professional branches may be limited. Without a proper official governing body to set standards, home-schooling is still a grey area in India. Despite Non-Profit Organizations like swastika and NOIS, the reality in India is that home-schooling suffers from a lack of structure.

How The Disadvantages Of Homeschooling Can Be Overcome By Online Education

Education by the experts ensures that the syllabi and the material that is chosen for the child are not only of good quality but also have worldwide accreditation. This also paves way for the child to know about the different options available. Online Education also ensures exposure to classmates from different backgrounds. With the safety net of the homely environment, the child can interact with children from different backgrounds. This enables him to learn and imbibe the variety that the human race is so proud of. This will help to develop a tolerant and inclusive attitude in the child.

Accreditations and Know-how about the latest courses or branches are taken care of by the experts as they keep scouring for the latest in the industry. No parent, not even homemakers can beat a whole team learning and evolving on a daily basis to provide the best to students.

Guided exposure to technology and information about the latest developments can also be provided only by trained professionals. They help the child develop discerning abilities early on and are able to handle the changes that the disruptive VUCA environment throws out every day. Online Education offers the freedom to the parent to follow his or her career. It can also help give an independent environment to the child where the child feels responsible for his action.

Rules In India About Homeschooling Of Different Syllabi

Home-schooling is legal in India and acknowledged by the Indian Government. The Indian government acknowledges each child’s “RIGHT TO EDUCATION” and since homeschooling contributes to this, it is definitely legal. But it is to be noted that India does not have any official body which has set a standardized structure or mandates to formalize or accredit home schooling . Let us have a look at how the Home-schooled child can get accreditation so that he can join the mainstream at a later stage. Swashikhan is one informal organization that supports homeschoolers. NIOS or the National Institute of Open Schooling offers basic education for children till 14 years of age. They take 3 levels of exams ie A, B, and C equivalent to 3rd, 5th and 7th classes.

Later they can opt for Class 10 and Class 12 equivalent secondary education courses. The tutoring in this case will largely fall upon the parents. As we know the exams and results would be a direct reflection of the tutoring. IGSCE AND CAIE, the international curriculum is an option for home-schooled children. This curriculum also allows them to take exams at different levels. CBSE, the national curriculum of India allows the children to take Class 10 and Class 12 exams. The annual exams held by the CBSE Board can be attended by private candidates.

Home-schooling students have a lot of ways to accredit their educational credentials. The crucial point is the actual delivery or the guided teaching to these kids. 21K School fills just this gap. With different syllables under one platform, 21K School is able to cater to everyone. We have a plethora of value-added courses which will groom your child and help them reach their potential. 


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