Scratch As A Beginners Platform To Teach Kids How To Code

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Technology has made its mark everywhere you look. Whether you’re planning to order food from outside or shop online, everything is now possible within a few clicks. Technology has made socialisation easier and better than ever before. One thing which plays a significant role in giving technology wings is coding. Hence, the future generation needs to understand the concept of coding so that they stand out in the crowd. 

Coding is a highly new and exciting concept that keeps you thinking about how. There is so much you can do through coding. Coding is a prime part of the world driven by technology. You can make games, animations, and much more, adding more to the excitement. 

Do you know what the best part about coding is? Scratch!

Introduction to Scratch

Designed for learners aged 6-16, Scratch is a learning platform for coding . It is simple, easy, and interactive. Anyone can learn from Scratch regardless of age. The coding available on Scratch is block-based, setting the perfect foundation for coding. Coding is the backbone of the information and technology industry, and Scratch ensures the facilitation of the same. 

The website is designed so people of all age groups can easily participate in the platform for coding. It makes use of block-based programming language, which is one of the simplest coding languages in the world. It uses simple, colourful, and interactive blocks that can be stacked together to generate the required code for a project.

Creating An Account on Scratch

Before starting the learning journey on Scratch, the first step in the procedure requires creating a new account. It can be done by logging into Scratch and selecting a unique username and password for the account. 

Once done, click on the create option. On doing that, a sprite will appear. It will serve as the Scratch character. It can be added or deleted by clicking on the button on the left side. Moreover, a background can also be inserted to make it more attractive and appealing. The background can be added by using the image option. 

Clicking the green flag initiates play, and clicking the red button ends it. There are many portions on the entire screen. The white area where the cat appears is referred to as the stage area. The code palette is the left-hand portion where the codes are located. The script editor is referred to as the brain of the screen.

Monthly Activity Statistics

To understand the growth of Scratch, let’s look at the monthly statistics. It states: 

  • Scratch saw a significant increase in May 2022, when approximately 1.5+ million new users joined the platform. 
  • This number saw a more substantial jump in June 2022 when the numbers went as high as 1.7+ million new users. 
  • For the same months, the projects were innumerably high as well. 
  • For May, the number of projects peaked as high as 2.6 million. Additionally, 14 million comments were posted online. 
  • For June, the numbers peaked at 3 million with over 14 million posted comments. 

Monthly Active Users

It is useful to check the number of active users on the platform each month to comprehend how students interact with it. These statistics show:

  • In May 2022, 826,086 project creators interacted on the platform. Approximately 705,957 people interacted via comments on the platform. 
  • For June 2022, 951,914 people created projects on the platform, and about 746,617 people posted comments online. 
  • It is believed that the number of active users will soon hit a million in the coming years. 

Monthly Shared Projects

Scratch has a unique concept wherein the existing projects can be remixed or revamped. Going by their statistics for May 2022, there were approximately 1.8 million new projects created and 813,047 projects remixed on Scratch. 

For the June 2022 statistics, about 2.1 million new projects were created, and 890,435 projects were revamped and remixed on the platform. 

Create interactive stories on Scratch

Scratch is a block-based platform that gives users enough chances to create original interactive stories. Here, kids can easily design games, animations, stories, and other exciting things, keeping them hooked. This way, understanding codes becomes more accessible and more engaging. 


Scratch is one of the most recognised coding environments for kids and adults. Beginning your coding experience with Scratch can be the best option if you’re a beginner! It is a straightforward, user-friendly, and excellent working environment!


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Scratch is a user-friendly, visual programming platform designed to introduce kids to coding. It’s popular because it simplifies coding concepts, making them accessible and engaging for young learners.

Scratch uses a block-based interface, allowing users to stack code blocks like puzzle pieces. This eliminates syntax errors and makes coding logic and sequencing more intuitive for beginners.

Scratch provides a library of colorful code blocks representing various programming commands. Users drag and snap these blocks together to create animations, games, and interactive stories.

Scratch is suitable for children and beginners of all ages. It offers a gentle learning curve, with opportunities for beginners to create simple projects and challenges for more advanced users.

Kids can create games, animations, digital stories, interactive quizzes, and more on Scratch. The possibilities are limited only by their creativity.

Scratch encourages experimentation, problem-solving, and creativity by allowing users to design and code their projects. It fosters critical thinking through the logical sequencing of code blocks.

Scratch offers an extensive online community with tutorials, project ideas, and a forum for sharing experiences. There are also many educational websites and books dedicated to teaching Scratch.

Scratch’s online community enables users to share their projects, collaborate on creations, and receive feedback from others. It promotes a sense of community and learning through sharing.

Scratch provides a safe and fun environment for experimentation. Kids can easily modify and improve their projects, fostering a growth mindset and a love for learning through coding.

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