Which is the best online school in India?

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  • 2021-10-26
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Best online School

There has been a tremendous acceptance of the fact that online education provides way more opportunities than the traditional learning system.

It not only opens the door to flexibility but also offers access to pursuing the interests of learners and teachings from global experts. All this at a significantly lower fee than an average traditional school.

While the emergence of online schools has been growing rapidly, 21K School have been pioneers in introducing India to the concept of online-only education way before other institutions shifted to the online mode of education as a mere consequence of the pandemic-forced lockdown.

Being India’s first online-only school, 21K School offers transparent quality education, regardless of the situation and location.

21K School is available not only for Indian students but also for people all around the globe, thus fostering a culturally rich learning environment . Almost 30% of the students are from foreign lands.

This helps foster a culturally rich learning ecosystem where students not only learn academically but also are enriched with the wisdom, knowledge and etiquettes from across the globe, honing a charismatic and confident personality.

21K School offers five programs to its students. These are:

1. Pre Primary program 

The pre-primary program of 21K Schools caters to the cognitive development of students from age 3 to 6 years. Its component programs are Nursery, KG 1/LKG, and KG2/UKG. The curriculum provided in these grades at 21K School emphasizes enhancing every child’s unique learning style.

2. Primary program 

The primary program of 21K School has several courses specifically tailored for students from ages 6 to 11 years (Grade 1 to 5). Here the academic sector focuses on students’ development in three important ways –


By rendering a culturally diverse environment and giving them the confidence to establish amicable relationships with everyone through team-building activities.


21K School believes in giving special attention to every individual recognizing and helping the learners identify their talents, their strengths, as well as their weaknesses.

Helping them ameliorate their personality and guiding them to pursue their strengths through delineated feedback.


The academic course is meticulously curated by global experts and parents to truly enrich the students and embed the lessons in their minds for a lifetime, as during this age the students learn the basics of any course that they may pursue and make a professional career in.

21K School in their Primary program offer various creative curriculums. The online school also provides its students the opportunity to study various different regional languages as their second and third language.

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3. Middle program 

The middle program of 21K School caters to education between primary and secondary (6th, 7th, and 8th grade).

Apart from rendering the highest quality of academic knowledge, Middle school students’ learning curriculum also includes social skills, organizing abilities, self-sufficiency skills, and creative thinking ability.

At this stage, students at 21K School work on experiential learning in the sciences, mathematics, social science, and humanities.

4. Summer school program 

The summer school program is a specially designed program for students from Grade 1 onwards. As the name itself suggests, the program is only meant for summertime i.e. when they get a break from traditional schools during the peak of summers.

The duration of this program remains for 30 days in the month of April/May. 21K School does not cost any extra fee of the summer school program from the students who are already enrolled in the school. At the end of this program, all the attended students are provided with a completion certificate.

5. Skill-based program 

The skill-based program at 21K School is for high school students. It comprises all the difficulties that students usually face on the path of their careers.

The course aims to instill the skills of the future in the students, truly preparing them for their careers. A skill-based program is career-based learning that focuses on problem-solving, collaboration and exploring real-world experiences.

21K School is not only the first online school in India but it is also the best. Here are some reasons that justify the above line:

-> The school offers personalized and flexible learning . The curriculums offered at 21K School are beneficial for students who require special attention or need flexibility such as gifted students, professional athletes, slow learners, or learners who wish to study at a different time according to their choice.

-> 21K School provides data-driven learning ability. The school keeps a keen look at students’ progress and work as per the feedback and end result. 21K School not only analyzes but also comes up with a solution to the data collected from each student.

-> 21K School offers skill-based learning. The online school covers all the benchmarks of the national curriculums.

-> 21K School works in the pursuit of academic excellence. The online school does not believe in wasting time on the commute. Instead, it utilizes that time in providing excellence. 21K School gives access to high-quality education to its students with the help of top faculty, selected from all around the globe.

Indeed, 21K School is the best online school in today’s growing and evolving world.

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