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Coding is one of the most sought-after skills in the world of employment. Knowing at least one programming language is an amazing addition to the resume. It serves as cushioning; if someone ever wishes to switch their field to the technological industry, they can always have an opportunity. Coding opens doors to several job profiles in the industry. Hence, it’s always a wise choice to develop and master coding skills. Now that we all know that coding is important , many of us must want to teach our children programming and ensure they arere ready to step into the corporate world. 

There are several ways you can teach your child coding .

  • Self-teaching: If a parent is a professional programmer, their kid is lucky, as they have a teacher at home! Parents can teach their kids how to code themselves and ensure they are on the right path!
  • Coding classes: Nowadays, numerous classes run by coding professionals teach coding to children. Get your child enrolled in one such coding class and let them learn to code.
  • Coding Websites: Apart from coding classes, various websites assist children, simplify coding, and teach it. This way, the child need not step out of the house and can learn coding from the comfort of their home , under your watchful eyes 

Wondering which website to refer to while teaching a child about coding? Here are the best coding Websites that can help children master programming!


Age group: 8-12 

Price: Free 

Blockly is the perfect website for a child if they are between 8 and 12. The website focuses on teaching javascript to children with a highly simplified block programming approach. Blockly teaches children coding without having to write a single line of code. It’s almost like puzzle solving. While learning from the website, a child would grasp the basics of javascript, a key programming language in the world of programming. While using Blockly, a child needs to put puzzle pieces together and complete the puzzle! 


Age group: 6-11 

Price: Annual subscription depends on the plan you choose

Kodable is a highly children-friendly website that teaches coding to children in an extremely simplified manner. The coursework is self-paced; children can learn according to their convenience. Learning to code on Kodable feels more like a game than learning. Children learn JavaScript along the way and can choose to make their characters. As the level of the child increases, the complexity also increases. The website also offers several interactive activities to keep children hooked on learning. 


Age group: 8-13 years

Price: free

Scratch is one of the most popular coding Websites for children. Attractive characters can be created using scratch, and developers develop them at MIT to help children excel at coding. Scratch is a programming language based on blocks of code a child has to connect. Scratch also has a huge open source community wherein the child can interact with senior developers and seek help. Scratch is a perfect website for children to gain experience in problem-solving and analytical thinking. 


Age group: 12-15 years 

Price: a free trial is offered, following which a monthly subscription needs to be purchased

Codeavengers is another amazing coding website where a child can learn the basics of coding. Moreover, the website offers coursework in not one but multiple languages. These include web development languages such as 

  • Javascript
  • HTML 
  • CSS

Additionally, one can also find programming tutorials on this website. Major languages include

  • Python
  • Java
  • C++

Learning on Codeavengers, children are pushed to think analytically, and that helps them excel at problem-solving


Age group: 13-16 years

Price: free for a month, and then a monthly subscription can be purchased

One of the most professional websites to learn from, Codecademy offers a multidisciplinary program with a plethora of learning. The websites aim at high school students and above. From programming languages to scripting languages, Codecademy lets your child explore different domains and choose what they like and wish to pursue. The coursework is self-paced and includes tutorial videos for children to learn from. The professors at Codecademy are highly experienced. Moreover, the website also has a forum to ask doubts as well!

Final Words

Today, we’ve checked out the top websites a child can learn coding from. Each of these websites has its unique way of teaching, focusing on a different age group. We hope that readers must have found the perfect website for their child to learn coding from!


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Popular coding websites for kids include Scratch,, Tynker, and Khan Academy. These platforms offer interactive and beginner-friendly programming lessons.

Coding websites make learning programming fun and accessible for kids. They provide a structured environment to develop problem-solving skills, foster creativity, and prepare children for a technology-driven future.

Coding websites use game-like interfaces, colorful visuals, and interactive challenges to keep kids engaged. They provide instant feedback and rewards, making learning enjoyable.

Coding websites are suitable for kids as young as 5 and cater to various skill levels. They offer beginner to advanced courses to accommodate different ages and abilities.

Coding websites often teach languages like Scratch, Blockly, Python, JavaScript, and more. They may also introduce hardware programming with platforms like Raspberry Pi.

Coding challenges on these websites require problem-solving and critical thinking. Kids must use creativity to design games, animations, and interactive stories.

Coding websites provide step-by-step tutorials, interactive coding editors, debugging tools, and online communities where kids can seek help and share their projects.

Many coding websites have parental controls, privacy settings, and moderated communities to ensure a safe online environment for kids.

Numerous kids have developed coding skills through these platforms and gone on to win coding competitions, create apps, and pursue careers in technology.

Parents and educators can use coding websites as supplementary learning tools, set goals, and provide guidance while allowing kids to explore and create independently.

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