Best Websites for Kids to Learn Coding

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To build a career, programming languages has become an essential skill. Soon, it will be challenging to land a job if someone does not possess the skill. To overcome this issue, every parent should teach or enroll their kids in some coding skills. Today, there are a lot of websites/mobile applications that are teaching kids the knowledge of programming languages. In this article, we have stated the five best websites for kids to learn to code.

Five Best Coding Websites for Kids


Codewars is a site that teaches computer programming by allowing you to take on discrete programming challenges. These exercises are called ‘Kata’ and teach various skills while working within an online integrated development environment. A group of engineers and designers created the site and made it an excellent resource for learning computer programming. Codewars is a fun and interactive place to practice algorithmic thinking and a perfect way to hone your problem-solving skills.

Codewars is a free online platform that lets you learn programming by solving challenges. Each challenge requires 30 minutes to an hour to complete. After you complete one challenge, you can move on to the next. It is also possible to join clans and subscribe to newsletters. There are a variety of tasks available for varying skill levels, and you can practice in different languages as well.

2. Jetbrains Academy

There are several ways to learn coding at JetBrains Academy. The program is divided into tracks tailored to the student’s experience level. They include Java, Python, Android, and Data Science. Moreover, the Academy also offers a Front End track, where students can learn writing and testing algorithmic applications. The Academy is entirely free to use, which makes it an ideal learning tool for newcomers. You can choose the programming language you wish to learn, though it is strongly recommended to start with Python. The courses at JetBrains Academy are integrated with the JetBrains IDEs, making learning even more effortless. In addition to the free courses, the program also features a project-based learning system, which encourages students to relate their newfound knowledge to practical projects.

3. Dash

Dash by General Assembly is one of the best online coding courses available for free. You can learn HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript in the DASH course. Its curriculum includes fun projects, such as creating an imaginary friend’s site or building a CSS-powered robot. The courses are structured around checkpoints that reward you for completing tasks and learning new skills. The method is inspired by game design. The result is Dash, an online course that allows you to learn the basics of web development through interactive storylines. The courses offered by Dash are structured to be fun and easy to follow.

4. Code for Life

Code for Life is one of the most prominent open-source learning websites in the UK, with more than 350,000 registered users. Code for Life teaches coding through 2 fun programming games – Rapid Router and Kurono. Code for Life has designed its learning specifically for those who are beginners right now. They teach basic principles of programming language. Their module is developed by primary school teachers and is aligned with the UK’s curriculum. Code for Life was started publicly during the 2020 Covid Pandemic because there was no school education then. Schools in more than 160 countries have signed up for Code for Life. Some significant countries are Australia, the USA, Brazil, and Canada.

5. is one of kids’ biggest online coding learning platforms. Courses include coding an animated movie, learning to translate initials into binary, and problem-solving techniques. It also has classes for older kids, which involve creating games and stories. Students can also learn how to handle cyberbullying. While the basic tutorials can be overwhelming for young students, a few programs can help students overcome these challenges. Using a text editor, kids can learn to write computer programs. Text editors are similar to notepad or Microsoft Word, allowing students to type in code and upload their projects. Though a text editor is a good choice, it is not always fun for kids. The good thing about a text editor is that it does not cost a dime.


To summarize, it can be said that anyone can learn to program today. Whether you are an advanced user or not, anyone can access the potential and resources. There are numerous programs on the Internet for teaching programming. Other tools besides these five websites are available, such as Blockly, Tynker, and Scratch jr.


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