The Best Online Platforms to Learn How to Code

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  • 2023-04-05
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One no longer needs to go back to school if one wants to pursue a career in computer engineering, programming, web design, or any other sector that requires one to learn about a set of code languages. Many online courses are available on the Internet that helps individuals study languages in the comfort of their homes. The following are the top 6 places one should check out to master new skills:


One of the most well-known websites for online coding instruction is Codecademy. HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, and PHP are the seven programming languages available at Codecademy. After mastering the fundamental languages, one may progress to more challenging projects like creating a website, a Rails application, an application employing APIs, and other enjoyable objectives. Gaining points, earning points, and amassing a high-day streak will help keep track of the progress. Expect much more from Codecademy in the coming years as they continue to improve their products.

Khan Academy

When Khan Academy first began, one man was teaching his relative. Today, Khan Academy imparts knowledge to learners everywhere. In contrast to other online sites for teaching coding , Khan Academy offers courses in various areas, including arithmetic and the arts & humanities. In addition, one may study JavaScript, HTML, and CSS during Khan Academy’s computer classes. The basics of computer science are also taught here. There is also an “Hour of Code” option if one only has a limited time.

21K School

21K School is a section of EdTech startup Mindreflex Technologies Private Limited. Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal, Joshi Kumar, Dinesh Kumar, and Santosh Kumar are the creators of it, which aims to support the up-skilling and reskilling of children, young people, and veterans in a variety of industries, including IT. It offers a variety of online, blended learning programs for job preparation in India. For individuals, they provide classes on various subjects like Data Science, Cloud Native Development, Cyber Security, and BlockChain, NIST Cybersecurity Framework Intro, Security Essentials, Practical Networking, Windows Command Line, Linux Command Line, and similar others.


edX was started in 2012 by MIT and Harvard. It has partnered with more than 90 organizations, including some of the best colleges, foundations, and institutions. Students will be able to choose their courses from over 60 different institutions. Enrollees from around the world can learn a range of courses such as Introduction to Python Programming, Computing in Python I, CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Science for Web Programming, Fundamentals of C++, How to Code, and several similar courses.


1,000+ courses from 115+ different schools are available through Coursera. It has expanded into a substantial, for-profit educational and technological organization in the years since its start in 2012. Leading colleges and institutions, including Vanderbilt, Stanford, the University of Washington, and the University of Toronto, offers a variety of free introductory programming courses. A few coding courses offered by Coursera include Python for Everybody, Google IT Automation with Python, Computer Science Programming, Introduction to Programming with Python and Java, Web Design Basics and Fundamentals, Meta Front-End Developer, and many more.


Free Code Camp’s main objective is to teach individuals how to code so that they can help non-profit organizations. The organization has resolved over 30 million coding problems in addition to contributing over $1.4 million to the development effort. In addition to all that, attending lessons at Free Coding Camp led to the hiring of nearly 4,000 developers. Classes cover subjects including JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, and other technologies. Students may interact with other programmers in their region and receive real-time support from the community chat rooms. Students will compile and develop their portfolios of real apps that real users will use as they study. The course’s assignments and explanations are engaging and well-targeted. 


Regardless of the platform, people need to practice coding and follow a learning method to get better. Combining online learning with actual coding practice will increase their coding abilities. Top companies worldwide are looking for the most intelligent people to fill these roles as the demand for web developers and coding professionals is only going up. This expertise will always be valued by potential employers, making it valuable.


21K School

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