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One of the best feelings in the world is to watch your student grow in the field of coding. Code Org is full of challenges and overcoming such challenges at an early age helps students to improve their critical thinking. Although they are just starting at an advanced or intermediate level, CodeOrg is a platform that has challenges at different levels. Students in 6-8 grade find it interesting to help angry birds to travel to the code, conduct a dance party, plant crops, create art, build houses, and others. Students not only spend time working through puzzles but also contribute to App Lab, Game Lab and Sprite Lab to develop their share and program it with people in the community. Once the course is completed, they receive certificates of completion. comes with curricular offerings starting from elementary to high school. Regular workshops are conducted to teach teachers how to use coding platforms across the US. Teachers who join workshops are full of enthusiasm and positive energy. They come here intending to teach their students. The curriculum features both plugged and unplugged lessons. 

Every lesson introduces a new concept, which is further practised during puzzles online. This allows teachers to teach coding easily to all students , even if the technology is not there. According to the survey, in the US, most parents want their kids to study computer science, whereas 40% of schools have this in their curriculum. We live in a technologically advanced world where technology plays a crucial role even in the field of commerce.

  • In healthcare – In the healthcare sector, technology plays a crucial role in terms of examining the patient’s health through computing. 
  • In space – We live in a world of robots who are designed to explore places humans cannot enter. 
  • In homes – Technology plays a crucial role in running our home too. Right from operating fans to the heating system, all are a product of technology. 
  • On roads – One of the biggest examples of road technology is using Google maps. Navigation plays an important role to travel distances. 
  • In entertainment – Watching animated movies is a new source of entertainment that is only possible through cutting-edge technology. 

As the world moves, the dependence on technology is increasing every day! has not only introduced technology and its various aspects to students at an early age but also taught them about the overall impact of Computer Science in everyone’s lives. Students come closer to a set of skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication and creativity, which prepares them for the future. is a teacher-friendly platform that not only supports the growth of students but promotes teachers’ wellness as well. It comes with the teacher dashboard, which lists the entire course catalogue where you can easily check all courses and lessons planned. 

From here, it is easier to plan for the day, assign courses and find a vocabulary for every course. Additionally, it is possible to easily monitor every student’s progress. also comes with several courses to help pre-readers besides several hours of code tutorials. These elementary courses teach coding skills such as : Sequencing, Loops, Digital Citizenship, For Loops, Use of Data and functions, Nested Loops and conditionals. Middle school courses primarily include web development , problem-solving and computing, gaming and animations, physical computing, design process, data and society. Back in the day, AP Computer Science courses were high in demand. However, later it changed to the newest AP Computer Science Principles and AP® course. 

The course includes study material that introduces a student to the world of computer science while challenging them to see the impact of technology and computing on the world. This program was designed with a prime objective to prepare students in the field of computer science and create leaders in the same field who can rule the industry in the future. Also, it attracts students who are less interested in computer science. The code org has something for every kid that can make them stand out.


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