What is Block Coding for Kids- Guide to Get Started with Learning Block Coding

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People worldwide have heard of coding, another name for computer programming, because we use codes to program computers. These days, programming a computer means giving it instructions. The computer generates the anticipated results by the codes entered by the programmer.

The two main categories of encoding are text-based and block-based. This article includes everything you need to know about block coding. 

What is Block Coding?

Block coding is elementary and easy-to-learn coding and the most basic form of computer programming. It is used to create animated games, characters, and tales. The emphasis is on teaching young children to code by utilizing block coding instructions to create animated stories and games in a drag-and-drop learning environment, much like real-world blocks used to join together and make a building (software).

Importance of Block Coding

Block Coding uses movable blocks of code that can be thrown into a development environment and patched together to form functional applications. Neither learning syntax nor tiresome typing is necessary, making it ideal for kids. When using block coding, you don’t have to worry about writing complicated lines of code; you use these blocks. Each of these blocks is pre-programmed to do a specific task.

Its main benefit is that it is a visual way to examine very expressive code, making coding enjoyable and exciting. It would help if you got your kids interested in block programming as early as possible, particularly before ten, since it will help them develop the abilities needed to handle more complex programming.

  • Block coding is an excellent programming language for getting kids started with coding because it doesn’t need any code writing
  • How much easier would kids to comprehend the same idea if the codes were concealed inside visual blocks? It may be challenging for kids to understand complex lines of code and write them. Block coding perfectly accomplishes this
  • It is a fantastic first programming language for kids; as they get to know it and start doing projects, they will find learning it more accessible
  • In addition to teaching kids how to code, it teaches them a wide range of other abilities like problem-solving, calculation, algebra, and creative thinking

When you code, you usually have to rectify your mistakes, which forces you to come up with more straightforward and practical answers to issues. Children can show their creativity by making various games and other projects using block coding. In addition, children’s arithmetic and critical thinking abilities inevitably improve as they study the different complicated principles of computer programming.

Guide to Getting Started with Learning Block Coding

Many resources are available for teaching block coding to children, but knowing which works best is crucial. Read on to learn about the best environment for kids to learn block coding.


One of the best tools for teaching your kids the fundamentals of block coding is, without a doubt, Scratch. Not just block coding specifically, but all types of coding.

Downloading the Scratch app or the Scratch website is ideal for kids to learn about block coding. These will aid your child, in the beginning, to hone their block coding abilities right on the platform.

By completing the many tasks with an app like Scratch, kids as young as four can begin to build their coding skills.

Scratch is easy to pick up for newcomers. Visiting the site alone initiates a project without the need for signup. To use all of Scratch’s features, you must first register, which is also free.

Scratch allows you to create even 3D games, and with enough creative thinking, you can use it to accomplish anything. It’s also been announced that a new version of Scratch called ScratchJr is now available and explicitly tailored toward children aged seven and under.

ScratchJr may be written for younger readers, but its visual elements encourage creative and logical thought in even the youngest of readers. In addition, ScratchJr is a free programming tool for Chromebooks, Android, and iOS devices.


Compared to text coding, the simplicity of block coding makes it a great place to start if you want your kids to learn how to code. While it may sound like child’s play, it applies the same complex coding techniques, meaning that your kids will learn the fundamentals of coding without ever recognizing it or needing to read textbooks.


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