Effects of Changing Jobs on Child’s Education

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  • 2022-07-27
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Job Change Effects

Did you get a promotion? Or maybe you changed your line of work? Is changing jobs good for your child? As parents, one thing you don’t want is to let your choices negatively impact your child’s life, especially their education.

With the cost of living rising and some severe ups and downs in the job market, a lot of people have changed jobs this past year. If you’re part of the majority of people in India who have changed their jobs, or are looking to, you have to take a few steps to ensure your child’s education.

What are the effects of changing jobs on your child’s education?

Let’s look at a few ways in how your job change affects your little one, some of these are obvious, and others, you may not have considered.

1. More Effort

This can mean that you give your child a little less attention than they are used to. As your focus at the office increases, your child is likely to feel the sting.

2. More Stress

If you’ve joined a new workplace, chances are that you can be a little stressed, attempting to cope and make adjustments. No matter how well you try to hide it, your child will feel some of it.

3. Change in Work Hours

A change in work hours is often a result of a new job, this means that your child may not get their time with you, to help with homework, even if you are homeschooling them.

4. New Location

If you’ve transferred to a new locale, chances are that your child has to be distanced from their friends and it does take a little time to find new friends. Which can be a little tough.

5. Social Circle

Other than friends and their social circle, if they aren’t in an online school, you are going to have to find a new school for them. Kids take time to adjust to new teaching styles and often as a result, their academics take a toll.

6. New Cultures

Even if you are in India, your child may have to learn a new language when you change locations, owing to your job. This can be especially hard, especially if you haven’t been able to find a school that emphasises speaking English on campus.

So how do you ensure that changing your job doesn’t affect your child’s education?

1. Communicate

Yes, your children are very young, they likely don’t fully understand the complexities of adult life. However, you can help them understand. Take the time to include them in your decisions, and let them know why you are changing your job. Spend the time to educate your child on why the job change is right for you and right for them. Give it some thought, and explain to your child how you think things might be different. Remember, you aren’t trying to stress them out about worries like the cost of living, but attempting to help them understand your decision.

2. Effort Matters

If you are willing to put in the effort to make your new boss happy, be willing to put a little extra effort into making your child acclimate to the changes they are likely to experience. This is most often easier said than done, but it does go a long way in helping your child settle into a different atmosphere.

3. Transfers can be Tough

For those that have jobs that demand a change of location every few years, you have to realise the impact it takes on your child. Every transfer also likely means a spike in the cost of living , at least until you settle in. For parents who are constantly on the move, you need to give your children stability in their education. One of the best ways you can do this is to let them study online at a great school. One that takes their needs into account and ensures that they always get the same high standard of education, wherever your child is.

4. Exposure Matters

Students of online schools, such as 21K School, are bound to find it easier to adjust to new situations. Why? Because they have global exposure, in terms of how people think and various cultures. This allows them the capability to adapt to new situations from a very early age.

5. Plan Ahead

While this isn’t always possible, try and plan how to cope with the changes. If a new job means that you have less time to spend helping your child with homework, sign them up for online support classes, like the ones 21 K School offers.

6. Adapting to New Environments is Never Easy

If your child has been lucky enough to be attending one of the best online schools, you have the option of helping them learn a new language. This means that they could be better prepared to make friends when your job change takes you to a new location.

7. New Schools can be Expensive

School transfers can be expensive, with online schools, you won’t have to worry about saving up for a new school, uniforms or donations.

8. Keep Your Child Occupied

Extra-curricular activities are a great way to ensure your child stays occupied, continues to get positive fortification and becomes a holistic learner. 21K School offers extra-curricular activities that are bound to keep your child engaged.

9. Choose Flexible Options

Flexibility is something that traditional schools don’t offer. Many parents enjoy being involved in their child’s education. Homeschooling in India with 21K School means that you can choose whether your child attends the morning session, or the afternoon session, all based on your convenience.


While there are bound to be some effects on your child because of changing your job, you are in control of whether those impacts are positive or negative. Parents all over the world do their best every day to give their children the best possible life. Do your research thoroughly and become part of communities that can give you the support you need.

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