Is programming the most important skill for job seekers?

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The evolution of modern technology is largely dependent on computer programming. Take a moment to consider what may occur if all computers vanish tomorrow and there is no internet, no information, no connection, and hence no comfort.

 Computer programming is a necessary skill not only for cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence but also for software development. It opens remote banking to more people, streamlines supply chains, and produces the wonderful online experiences we adore. In addition, programming enables governments to open services more quickly and effectively during a crisis and puts your favorite jeans just a click away.

 Glassdoor researched mainly three factors while determining the top jobs of 2016: the opportunity for career ratings, the job opportunities, and earning capacity based on median yearly salaries. As a result, some jobs held the highest rank, including data scientists, managers in analysis, UX/UI developers, and software development managers.


Burning Glass, a company that analyses the job market, recently published a survey that revealed that approximately 7 million job opportunities in 2017 required coding expertise. It gives our middle school and kids belonging to high school a fantastic opportunity. So yes, it is correct—there are 7 million unfilled positions!

 Also, Burning Glass demonstrated the value of coding expertise across various professions, including IT professionals and those in technology, science, data analysis, art, and design. Programming jobs pay better and open doors to careers with even higher salaries and, most importantly, an approach to processing and analyzing data.

Benefits Of Programming

A creative career path for students can include 3D animation, website design, or even marketing. In addition, students with a passion for learning can join AI efforts and help scientists by creating research pipelines.

 Computer programming has grown in popularity even for jobs unrelated to computer science. The ability to communicate with these incredible machines, even in a limited way, will make a candidate stand out in the employment market. Computer programming skills, like language or communication abilities, are equally important in modern times.

 Additionally, developers create tools to protect online interactions from threat factors. Finally, students can start their careers in this high-demand field of information technology by becoming proficient in various programming languages.

Programming Classes & STEM-Based Activities For Students From Middle School

Parents, teachers, and school administrators are beginning to understand the value of educating children to code. As a result, numerous new organizations and kid-friendly coding websites have popped up recently to encourage youngsters and teenagers to learn to code.

 Erstwhile, New York City Governor Bloomberg made learning to code his New Year’s resolution at the commencement of the year. A few months earlier, Estonia acknowledged that it was trying to ensure that every first-grader in the region would know how to code. The decision by Estonia to teach children to code sparked a discussion on whether or not all students should be trained to code in schools in the United Kingdom.

 (You should follow this STEM and Automation Facebook community, where STEM experts continually exchange ideas)

Easy Computer Programming For Younger Children

Kid-friendly programming tools make coding as easy as dragging and dropping various building components. The coder can make their screen animate by stacking these blocks together. You can distribute your project to others, promoting continued participation and dialogue.

 Experts teach kids coding in 21 K School, an online classroom with a wealth of academic resources. They have transformed academics to make robotics enjoyable and encourage STEM initiatives for high school kids.

Importance of Programming

Experts have observed that while job postings were increasing for people with coding and computer programming skills, not all positions were explicitly for computer programmers. According to a Forrester analysis commissioned by the data visualization company Tableau, there have been a significant increase in the demand for jobs requiring digital skills but not nearly enough qualified candidates.

 That’s fantastic news for job seekers, and regardless of your professional objectives, it’s an excellent reason to add computer programming to your list of training courses.

Concluding Thoughts

From your banking app on your phone to YouTube, coding is used in every part of your life. Programming skills can aid job searching even if you aren’t interested in technology-related careers. In addition, they can help you develop 21st-century skill sets that employers want, such as critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

 Since most individuals use programming in almost every aspect of modern life, having a working knowledge of its fundamentals will always be helpful. Modern lives are made more accessible by these languages, algorithms, and models, but they are not mysterious. Students can master this unobservable world easily and open up multiple career opportunities.


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Programming is a highly essential skill in today’s job market, particularly in the tech industry, but other skills like communication and adaptability remain crucial as well.

Programming skills are in demand across industries like healthcare, finance, and education, as organizations leverage technology for efficiency and innovation.

Programming proficiency enhances a job seeker’s competitiveness, opening doors to a broader range of job opportunities and often leading to higher salaries.

Job roles such as software developer, data analyst, and cybersecurity expert highly value programming skills, as do industries like tech, finance, and healthcare.

Programming enhances problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical reasoning, skills that benefit individuals in various life situations beyond just career prospects.

Understanding programming basics allows individuals to communicate effectively with technical teams, facilitating collaboration and project management.

Programming complements skills like communication and teamwork by fostering precision in problem-solving and facilitating collaborative project development.

While programming skills are increasingly valuable across most industries, some roles, like non-technical sales or marketing, may prioritize other skills over coding proficiency.

As technology continues to advance, the demand for programming skills grows, aligning with the ongoing digital transformation of the global economy.

Learning programming equips job seekers with the ability to adapt to evolving tech trends and remain competitive in a rapidly changing job market.

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