Virtual robots: The power of learning from home

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  • 2023-12-09
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Teachers are seeking tools to help them give the information, abilities, and material they are used to providing in the classroom. This is because schools are closing their doors worldwide and finding new methods to keep their kids learning.

The demand for inclusive technologies that all students can utilize is rising in today’s environment, where all educators must think differently and imaginatively. On our end, we make an effort to view these trying moments as a chance to realize that things can be done better. Skills can be provided using techniques one had never even considered before, and one can change the way to teach and the way students learn.

Offering the students a class format they can complete at home, one that has gamified learning aspects and is mission-based can be the ideal remedy for these times of isolation.

With virtual robots, no need for physical robots

If one teaches STEM subjects, the pupils will eventually have to work with robots. The good news is that they can access robots from their own homes. One may utilize various internet resources in the classroom to provide their pupils access to educational robotics. This is without having to send them out of the home or charge their parents a lot of money. Tools are a great method for all kids to have their robot.

The pupils may learn how to program and code, which sensors and systems operate the robot, which physics ideas and principles influence their robots, and much more with the help of these robots. Everything is done quickly, effectively, and with enjoyment.

The pupils need a computer linked to the Internet to continue learning all day long from home. Allowing the students to continue their education in their spare time will demonstrate how interested and involved they can be. This will be in the STEM subjects one teaches with fervor in the classroom. What accounts for virtual robots’ popularity, especially when seeking an internet remedy? 

Learning To Code In A New Way

With time, kids may acquire this essential life skill by participating in online coding lessons. Since no hardware investment is required and all students need is a laptop with solid WiFi access, this is pretty affordable. So one can now program robots anywhere, at any time, with virtual coding. Here are a few compelling arguments for starting right away:


Since many parts, such as motors, sensors, and cameras, are needed to assemble a robot, overhead costs are high. However, virtual robots do not require hardware devices; instead, one may construct the robot’s structure digitally by employing virtual parts. These kinds of long-term, cost-effective solutions will encourage an increasing number of students to enroll in coding classes.

Self-Paced Learning

The instructor adheres to a curriculum for physical sessions and covers a specific range of material each time. Students may view training videos, do code practice exercises, and advance in levels at their speed when choosing to do the same electronically. Specialists put together the “concept video” without the involvement of a teacher, and viewers are free to view it as often as they desire. Self-paced learning reduces stress in the classroom and encourages pupils to take pride in their accomplishments.


One only needs a laptop and a WiFi connection to start coding. No need to leave the house; one may study without traveling far. This makes it incredibly handy and lowers the high costs of enrolling in pricey programs. For example, a professor in the US may teach coding to a youngster sitting in Dubai. International boundaries are, therefore, irrelevant because it includes pupils from varied cultural backgrounds.

Gamified Learning

An online coding course is not like traditional classroom instruction. Students are free to program robots to carry out intriguing activities that would otherwise be impossible, even with physical coding, in this environment. Learning becomes much more interesting because it is both challenging and thrilling in a game-like manner. Students can play a match-off with their peers and practice with different skill levels.


One doesn’t have much time to spend. However, one may begin understanding what it’s like to teach STEM using virtual robots and even remotely right now. Despite the difficulties the pupils are facing, education must continue. The moment is now to show them that there are several methods to approach the same issue and that lessons may be taught in various ways. One such way is with 21K School. Have a look and enroll in the courses today.


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