4 Ways To Limit Screen Time

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Screen addiction has become a severe concern for parents across the globe. It appears that parents are tired of online classes that gulp away their children’s central time. Most research shows that prolonged use of computer screens or mobile devices is linked to eye strain, trouble falling asleep, and other problems.

Since the pandemic has forced many schools and institutions to close, kids spend more time in front of screens every week. In today’s screen-filled environment, limiting kids’ screen time isn’t always simple, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Parents need to create ways to minimize the screen time of children . Here, some tips to limit screen time are provided.

The Purpose Of Reducing Screen Time In Children

Reducing screen time in children develops their mental ability and improves their health. Parents need to consider that the amount of time spent in front of a screen diverts the children from physical activities such as sports and games.

Children have developed the habit of clutching their phones and swiping the screen. In this situation, time is not being utilized; instead, it is wasted. The blue light emitted from the screen disturbs the sleep pattern and causes itchy eyes in children.

Moreover, children also get addicted to mobile phones and electronic devices, which is a serious concern. This also decreases their performance in school and impacts their grades.

Ways To Limit Screen Time To Manage Health During Online Classes

1. Reduce the Passive Screen Time

Passive screen time is the most challenging issue for kids. Here, sedentary screen time occurs when children pointlessly stare at the phone, and there is no interaction with the video or image being shown. No proper communication is being established, and children are forced to watch rather than think.

A classic example of this is watching YouTube videos. Children’s attention must be diverted from such movies by parents by enrolling them in interactive online classes .

This would create a learning environment and help the children enjoy their sessions. Parents need to keep an eye on the screen time fixed for the children. Instead of prolonged exposure to videos, simulation games can be played, which involve training the brain.

2. Smart Class Approach

The pandemic has made children download multiple books from the internet and stare at them the entire day. Since not all schools have an intelligent class system, children are forced to spend the whole day browsing for appropriate material to learn.

Exams are also being held online, which increases exposure to screen time. Parents can enroll kids in innovative classes that explain concepts through videos. Hence, this would minimize the time spent by children in front of their screens.

3. Plan for an Outing

Just diverting attention from online videos won’t help if there is no physical activity. Parents must take their kids to the zoo, amusement parks, and nearest parks and let them indulge in various activities. This will increase the body’s movement and help build their physical well-being.

In the current pandemic period, activities should be created at home if it is not possible to visit public places. This includes having indoor games at home and playing along with children.

4. Create a Fitness Routine

In today’s busy world, children are cramped with multiple assignments and loads of material to study. Exams also increase the stress level in children, which is the major contributor to their poor lifestyle.

Parents need to identify the interests of children and enroll them accordingly in activiites such as Zumba classes, Yoga, and Aerobics. This will increase children’s focus and help them lower their stress levels.

With the pandemic limiting access to such activities, parents can join online classes and practice relaxation activities with their children. They must ensure that children do yoga and exercise as part of their lifestyle. This would surely decrease the stress children have from the burden of the current pandemic.


With the world developing, it becomes challenging for kids to maintain competitiveness. Parents should help their children in balancing academic and extracurricular activities. 21K School has introduced an intelligent class concept that minimizes screen time.

The online classes offer both educational and activity-based classes. The courses can be accessed at any time, thus providing flexibility to children. Parents can thereby help children maintain a delicate balance between academics and their health.

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