Why Kids Should Learn Code As A Second Language?

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Gone are the days when children were taught French, Sanskrit, and German as second languages. We’ve moved on, and the future is here now. The curriculum of children these days has been coding right since elementary school. It is focused on analytical and logical thinking. Teaching a child how to code early could be the key to success, as most companies hire programmers these days. Being an expert in at least one programming language could be the child’s doorway to a dream future. 

A thought that might knock anyone’s mind is whether teaching a child how to code early is right. Well, the competition is vast these days, and learning programming in the early years could give a child a head start. Learning programming as a second language has not just one but multiple advantages. Apart from giving children a head start, it’d enhance their productivity and channel their screen time into a productive one. Still confused about why children should learn programming as a Second Language. By the end of this article, everyone will be convinced that it is essential for a child to know to program.

Top reasons that your child should learn programming as a second language

1.It enhances your child’s problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is a crucial skill not just academically but also in daily life. As a child goes through adulthood, they are bound to encounter several problems because, let’s not lie, the world out there is constantly throwing new challenges. Upon encountering a problem, each one of us thinks of different solutions. Programming helps precisely; it helps a child think of the perfect solution to each situation. Problem-solving skills help shape a child and make them into individuals ready to face the real world. A child would know how to approach a problem and think of solutions through coding.

2.Coding makes your child think analytically

Programming challenges the young one’s brain and provokes thought in their mind. Through programming, a child’s brain is challenged to do better and solve the given problem.

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Once given the situation, the child must think analytically to solve the problem . Programming questions generally include a lot of math; hence, a child understands the program’s logic. As a child becomes better at programming, they will also develop their arithmetic skills and logical reasoning. Once a child figures out a solution, they would also need to think practically about whether the solution is feasible or not. 

3.It inculcates creativity in a child

Coding teaches children not just logical thinking but also inculcates creativity. There are several subdomains of coding that make the creative side of the brain think. Domains such as web development include front end development, this includes designing a web page that can draw the attention of users and keep them hooked. For this, your child would need to think creatively and choose how he/she can design the page. This would make your child creative and bring out the most creative self in him/her. 

4.Coding increases digital literacy

Whether or not your child gets into the IT field in the future, being digitally literate is of grave importance. Almost all the job profiles in the industry need a minimum understanding of computers and computer softwares. Your child would need to use the basic softwares at least. Learning how to code at a young age helps your child get familiar with computers and how they work. Earning digital literacy at a young age in itself is a huge plus point since it will definitely help your child after he steps into the industry. 

5.Coding is the language of the future

Coding undoubtedly has a bright future for the years to come. As we step into the future, technology has been doing wonders. With each passing day, we’re progressing into a technologically driven world. Looking at the current scenario, it’s safe to say that soon, coding will become a must-have skill. Moreover, learning coding as a Second Language would be a very careerist move as it’ll open doorways to several opportunities. 


As we see, coding could enable your child to do much better at academics, since it helps in arithmetic skills and logical and analytical thinking. Moreover, coding is going to be a more prominent field in the future, and hence, learning coding as a second language is an ideal thing to do!


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Learning coding alongside spoken languages enhances cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, and digital literacy. It equips kids to navigate the technology-driven world and opens doors to diverse career opportunities.

Learning code and a spoken language both require critical thinking, pattern recognition, and memory skills. These cognitive benefits are transferable and enhance overall learning capabilities.

Coding encourages breaking down complex problems into manageable steps, promoting logical thinking and problem-solving, skills applicable to various academic subjects.

Coding skills are valuable in fields like web development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence, contributing to advancements in these industries.

Coding education empowers kids to comprehend how technology works, enabling them to make informed choices and actively participate in the digital landscape.

Digital literacy is essential for navigating the modern world. Coding enhances digital literacy by teaching kids how to create, manipulate, and understand technology.

Coding allows kids to express creativity by building digital projects. Like spoken languages, it fosters innovation and expands their problem-solving capabilities.

Being proficient in coding languages opens doors to lucrative careers in technology, offering job security and diverse opportunities in various industries.

Coding empowers kids to become creators rather than just consumers of technology, enabling them to shape the digital world according to their ideas and needs.

Coding is fundamental to numerous career paths, from software development to data science, making it a highly valuable skill in our tech-driven world.

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