10 Awesome Kid-friendly YouTube Channels for Kids interested in Coding

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YouTube is an open platform where you can find information on anything and everything. It allows people to watch videos and creators to make videos on any topic of interest. Today, one can rely on the platform for amazing educational content. Any doubt you have, look for it on YouTube!

However, the only problem is that it is pretty easy to get distracted by the sea of content available on YouTube. Particularly, kids tend to get lost in the diversity of content before their eyes. So, it is always better to know what to watch before going on the platform.

As a parent interested in teaching their kids to code, here is a list of the best kid-friendly YouTube channels . All you have to do now is make your kids watch these channels.


Code.org is a popular coding platform mainly catering to children and young women. It started in 2013 and has around 758 videos currently. It deals with a variety of coding languages and new developments in technology. It has well-organized playlists, videos, tutorials, and games by experienced people. The channel has over 388k subscribers from all across the world.


This YouTube channel has been providing knowledge to students on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) since 2018. It contains videos on various 21st-century skills such as coding, robotics, and .artificial intelligence The channel uses an experiential-based learning approach, and most of its projects can be completed in a couple of hours using materials readily available in the house.


It is a great channel for kids who want to learn how to make video games. It hosts many game development tutorials on programming, game design, and Unity. These videos are fun and easy to understand.

The channel has not posted any videos since 2020, but it still contains 461 videos to learn from and a subscriber base of 1.64 million.

The Coding Train

This popular YouTube channel has been making highly creative and engaging coding videos for children since 2006. The video tutorials cover various topics, from the basics of programming to complex lessons on algorithmic art, simulation, machine learning, and much more. The channel has a vast resource base comprising 1.2K videos and 1.58 million subscribers.


This YouTube channel belongs to the iOS coding app Hopscotch. It is an excellent resource for kids interested in computers. It contains tutorials on various exciting topics, such as making emojis, geometry dash, and other games. The app teaches how to code , and the YouTube channel provides related content.

The channel is popular for its catchy educational songs for all ages and has 500K subscribers.


This YouTube channel started with the goal of teaching coding to every child . According to Chris Bradfield, who runs the channel, learning to program a computer is fun, rewarding, and empowering. His videos mainly deal with Python and Godot for beginners to intermediates.

The channel has 55.8K subscribers and 207 educational videos.


It is well known YouTube channel for learning web development. It contains several tutorials on various topics, including HTML, JavaScript, CSS Layouts, Dev Ops, machine learning, and more. The videos are made so that even a child can easily understand them.

The channel currently has a huge subscriber base of 764K.

Game Maker’s Toolkit

As the name suggests, this YouTube channel is for kids interested to learn to build their own games. The videos talk in great depth about game design, level design, and game production.

The channel’s popularity is evident from its large following of 1.4 million subscribers.

STEM coding

This YouTube channel is a part of the STEMcoding project, which aims to integrate coding with high school physics, chemistry, and math. Ohio State University leads this project. The channel hosts a range of videos on several topics giving an in-depth overview of each.

STEM coding currently has 10.8K subscribers and a vast resource base of 169 videos.

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CrashCourse is like a one-stop destination for educational content which provides quality videos on a wide variety of subjects, including literature, world history, philosophy, technology, and much more. The team at CrashCourse believes that educational videos should be free for everyone. To achieve this, they have produced videos on more than 42 courses.

The channel has a subscriber base of 14.6 million and has produced 1.4K videos so far.


YouTube has become an excellent educational hub, with more and more people willing to share their knowledge and expertise through the platform. The best thing is that such valuable resources are available for free. So, go ahead and take full advantage of what YouTube offers


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