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Essential And Process Requirements

The students who enrol will require:

  • Access to broadband (hi-speed internet) with, minimum 10 Mbps download speed
  • A computer (Desktop or Laptop) with webcam and audio that enables the students to attend live classes. We do not recommend the use of mobile phones and tablets due to small screen size and limited functionalities.
  • Comfortable table, chair, book storage space, and essential stationery including notebooks for written work and home work
  • Learning Kit (ordered online after enrolment and delivered at home by 21K School)
  • A quiet space with a good background wall or curtains will enrich the learning time.
  • Presence of Learning Coach is mandatory for Pre-Primary students and recommended for other students. Learning Coach is a parent or a competent adult who can supervise the live classes and follow-up with the homework schedule.

Students will be given access to the Nisai Virtual Academy (NVA) after they have successfully enrolled and paid their fee for 21K School + Nisai. In here they will be able to access their lessons, student email account, a personal folder and the social and wellbeing areas. In addition to this, our course sites provide access to live lessons, schemes of work, course materials and lesson recordings.

Our social areas allow students to take part in our clubs and societies whilst the wellbeing area has lots of advice and guidance that students can access.

All new students will need to attend our live online induction sessions so that we can show them the NVA and give them information that they will need in order to feel comfortable and confident in using the system.

21K School + Nisai strives to create convenient time tables and will run two to three batches in 2021-22. However we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all requests. Timetables are based on a combination of elements including student requirements, customer requirements and 21K School+ Nisai capacity. Nisai tries to meet the timetable requirements of each learner/customer however, on occasion, students may need to watch a recording of the lessons that they miss. All live classes will occur between 9 AM to 6 PM IST.

Our live lessons consist of group learning activities organised by subject specialist teachers. Communication takes place via text chat and audio. Lesson materials can be accessed simultaneously by teachers and students. Lessons are recorded and are available to students from the course sites. These are of great benefit to late starters, absentees and for students who need to review the lesson content.

Please note that if a student is more than 10 minutes late for a lesson, unless there is a technical issue that we have been made aware of, they will not be allowed entry to the classroom. This is to reduce the disruption to all students caused by lateness. Students will be instructed to watch the lesson recording instead of being granted access to the live session. We also have the ability to track if students do access recordings.

Students are provided access to view schemes of work. These are located in the course sites on the portals and are only available to students registered for specific courses. The schemes of work give an overview of the topics to be covered during the course.

The students will be registered by 21K School+ Nisai with a local examination centre. Students are prepared for international exams with NOCN for Functional Skills and Employability. 21K School+Nisai will provide students with the resources to be adequately prepared for the examinations and for all summative assessments and will provide exam centres with relevant information to support accurate examination entries.

The candidate’s examination centre is responsible for organising, supervising and authenticating controlled assessment sessions and coursework.

During the course, teachers assess students’ ability to achieve the learning objectives set out for each topic. Student progression is reported on a termly basis as part of the end of term report.

To ensure communications are up to date and consistent, we provide robust reporting of student statistics as well as several mechanisms to share information in addition to posting information in the Portal. All students are allocated a 21K School + Nisai Tutor to oversee attendance and the return of assignments. Tutors are responsible for monitoring attendance, assignment completion, student progress and wellbeing.