Coding and math: How related are these fields?

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  • 2023-08-08
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Math is the most dreaded subject amongst both students and teachers. Students find it difficult to understand it, whereas teachers find it challenging to make it easier for students. Educators are trying every bit to eliminate the fear that comes with learning math for students. They are coming up with engaging and practical ways to make math concepts easily understandable.

Coding has turned out to be a saviour in the recent past. Any subject matter or topic, in general, is easier to catch when put into practice. Coding and math are related in the same context. When students are learning to code , they make use of mathematical formulas. Later, they recall using the same in the classrooms, contributing to faster learning. Also Read, How Parents Can Contribute to Their Child’s Online Learning ?

Here is more on how coding and math complement each other.

1.Coding accelerates the understanding of math concepts

Coding is indispensable without the use of math. One of the best use of coding is to teach kids to build a virtual robot. When doing so, kids must apply mathematical principles that facilitate strong mathematical thinking and affect overall decision-making.

How coding makes kids love math? The key is coding adds a sense of achievement in kids when they complete a mission through coding, along with using the fun approaches of mathematics and technology.

Wondering what math concepts are involved in coding? Coding for kids whilst making a virtual robot introduces kids to concepts of angles, degrees, percentages, time etc., depending on how interactive the platform is.

2. Coding is like learning math in a gamified format

Gamification is the new trend in online education . It is a process of making learning fun , interactive and engaging through games. Gamification is so successful that schools nowadays incorporate gamified elements to make learning engaging. Students who learn through the concept of gamification tend to perform better in their school life and in life in general.

Not only kids but 90% of the employees also perform better at work with gamification, as per Zippia Research. Studies also say that gamification boosts attention as well as retention.

The Zippia Research also found an interesting connection between math and gamification. The case study says four months of incorporating math games into the curriculum resulted in a 34% average increase in students’ test scores . As per another study, even non-digital math games tend to be beneficial, making digital games even more effective.

3. Coding is math, and math is coding

Have you heard of data structures and algorithms? It is the basis of any web development course. Simply put, it also forms the base of a writing line of code. The data structures and algorithms are the essences of writing bug-free and executable code. Mastering data structuring and algorithms are all about math. It’s all about the use of binary mathematics and linear mathematics. Coding will indirectly make you stronger in data structure and algorithms.

The best part of the correlation between coding and math is there is no right order for the same. Students can strengthen their coding with math and their math with coding. Creative coding projects make it easier for kids to understand basic math concepts like spirals, pattern identification and triangles.

If parents want their kids to perform well in math, introduce them to coding (not because it’s in trend but because it sharpens their analytical thinking). On top of that, involving kids in coding at an early age helps form the foundation of their career choices. Also Read, Coding Books For Elementary – Aged Kids .

Coding, web development, and full-stack development are one of the top career choices, and their demand is also expected to rise in the next few decades. Thus, allowing your kid to spend some time in coding classes is a smart decision.


In short, coding and math are as interrelated as they can be. Educators and parents can take the help of coding if their kids are struggling with math and vice versa. Don’t compare coding at the beginner’s level to the ones performed by web developers. Coding classes for kids are much more enjoyable, accommodating and fun. They use a gamified and interactive interface that makes math concepts and learning fun. The animated interface, coupled with learning, is the best way for students to perform better in math.

Furthermore, educators have already witnessed positive results and appreciable test scores when math and coding are interlinked.


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