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Withdrawal Policy

  1. Discontinuation within the First Month: The security deposit is fully refundable if the parent decides not to continue with the school after the first month of admission. To initiate the refund process, parents must submit a written request via email within five days before the first month is completed. This policy exclusively applies to new admissions. Failure to raise the withdrawal request within the specified timeframe will render the parent liable for their next Installment. This does not apply to mid-term admissions.
  2. Withdrawal at the end of the academic year: Parents wishing to withdraw admission at the end of the academic year, must inform so by 15th January 2025 by writing an email to to avoid raising the invoice for roll-over admissions towards the learning kit.
  3. Withdrawal in the middle of the academic year: In exceptional cases, Parents may withdraw their child in the middle of the academic year by giving 30 days’ notice to the school by writing an email to before 31st December 2024. In case of any request for withdrawals after 31st December, the child will be deemed to have studied the entire academic year.
  4. The student will continue to be a registered student of the School unless the parent has explicitly withdrawn the child’s admission from the School.
  5. All fees, charges, and dues will be considered up to the date of withdrawal. The date of withdrawal will be 30 days after the receipt of the email before 31st December or the end of the academic year, as applicable.
  6. Transfer Certificate (TC) is issued on request to students who have completed the current academic year (completed both terms of the academic year and appeared for both term-end assessments) with 21K School & cleared all the outstanding fees.
  7. Students enrolling after Term 1 assessments will not be eligible for getting the TC.
  8. Except in the case of homeschooling or students in Pre-Primary / Early Years, a Transfer Certificate will not be given to a student who has not submitted a Transfer Certificate from the previous school.
  9. The school reserves the right to withhold any documents of the concerned student, including Academic report / Transcript / Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate till such time the dues are cleared along with applicable late payment charges.